Wheyhey Ice Cream - Healthier Option?

If you read Motivation into Habit, you'll know I've started Weight Watchers this month so I'm now always on the look out for treats that aren't too bad, my attention was brought to Wheyhey Ice-Cream. Now I LOVE ice-cream, possibly as I suffer from sensitive teeth, I want more of what just makes my teeth ache with pain.

Wheyhey Ice-Cream is sugar free, making it a great alternative to normal ice-cream and also diabetics and seeing as my grandmother is one, it's better for her when she also would like to indulge so what else is the fuss about this ice-cream? So far we know it's a 100% sugar-free, all natural, protein ice cream...ah protein. It contains 22g of protein, equivalent to that of a chicken breast.

How can something so good, be that beneficial to our bodies? On their online website they have the run down of the science behind Wheyhey and geeky facts which you can read it it's entity here & here but to give you a quick run down benefits such as, lean muscle growth & repair, physical performance, reduces body fat, reduces hunger, boost immune system, improves mental health and delayed affects of ageing.

Xylitol is the third highest ingredient within this ice-cream but what is it?
This ingredient holds some health benefits that sound quite good, such as reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, increasing bone volume and mineral content, decreasing the risk of tooth decay, preventing ear infections and of course help with the clearing of nasal passages - saves blowing it, I suppose. It naturally sweetens this ice cream - no need for sugar.

So is it any surprise that Wheyhey was the choice of treat backstage at LFW this month?

Ingredients: Water, whey protein isolate, xylitol, non hydrogenated vegetable fat, cocoa powder, skimmed milk powder, emulsifier: glycerin, stabilizers: guar gum, xanthan gum, locust bean gum

It's healthy and has it's benefits and I've been reading that body builders and people who do work out are eating it as for their after workout protein needs. How does it taste?

Keeps the same consistency as ice-cream, tastes just like it, maybe not AS sweet but it's still good enough. Available in the three favourite options of Vanilla, Strawberry & Chocolate. It's enjoyable and just to know it holds health benefits it tastes even better. It even has the spoon under the lid, making it easy if you pop into a stockists and just want a quick treat. I've been good and of course having to balance it out with my weekly WW allowance I've been eating these after a work-out, perfect way to cool down and feel naughty and good at the same time. Seeing as I'm nearly out, oops that's two mouths eating this here, I'm actually off this afternoon to get some more at Holland & Barretts.

Weight Watchers Points: 5
118 calories in a 100ml
Calories in one 150ml tub: 190 (according to MyFitnessPal) check out the nutrition facts on MyFitnessPal

Ocado | Holland & Barrett | Wholefoods | Planet Organic | As Nature Intended | GNC | Urban Kitchen |
Fitness First | Virgin

Have you tried Wheyhey Ice Cream?
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  1. I love that you have actually told us the information as I read some reviews that say it contains this that or the other (guilty of this too) but never explain what it is. I will keep an eye out for this next time I'm in town. :)


    1. Oh I feel helpful now :) I'm so glad I've been able to fill you in on the details. Yes definitely at least try a tub, would love to know your thoughts on it xo

  2. Oooh never heard of this before, sounds really good! Finally, sweet treats with benefits. That price tag needs to drop by a pound 50 before I condider buying it though - yes I'm THAT cheap. :(

    Thank you for all the info La's (my new nickname for you, I think it sounds pretty nifty LOL) - very detailed!

    1. Me neither until last week, yeah for the tub it's as usual like everything natural / organic - it's on the pretty penny side of expense lol.

      I love my new nickname mwahaha :) no problem dear, one day we will share a tub and have a natter xo

  3. Anonymous18/9/13

    Ooh never heard of this brand, but as someone who is boreder line diabetic, this is something that I'd totally look out for in the supermarket from now on!

  4. Thanks so much for a great post about the health. I'd like to know more about these topics and hope that I can receive more insight into this topic.