Stellé Audio Couture Pillar

stelle audio couture
There's no denying we're in the age of technology with it only set to get more weird, outrageous and of course pointless. There's is very few of us who aren't into technology or tech savvy and I'm one of those who is slightly into it, not a tech geek mind but I do like to read and find out what's new and best on the market and music is my touchstone. Mostly because it's something I listen to a lot, like the rest of us but me and music have a special relationship. So when I was offered the chance to try Stellé (pronounced Stel-lay) Audio Couture Pillar to aid me on my home workouts, I of course jumped at the chance.

This thing is just handy all around, let me give the run down, image above on the top of these speakers were you can see you've got a generous amount of speaker space you're given 4 buttons. At the top there's the Bluetooth pairing button - Conference call talk Bottom row Volume up & Volume Down. There's two different lights that appear at the top of the logo, you have an orange stationary light that lets you know it's charging and a white one to let you know it's fully charged. Speakers are aimed upwards instead of forward and outwards, I've honestly not noticed too much of a difference with the sound direction.
Some more button there's the on - off button, the charger port, USB (allows you to charge any USB device) and the aux which hooks up to your device, I use that to hook up my iPod. When Stellé Audio is turned on, I'm welcomed with a "Hello" and when switching it off "Goodbye" - that right there, is one of my favourite things about this speaker. I don't know it just makes it feel friendly lol, yes a friendly speaker. It's sleek design allows it to slot in most places with a rubberised bottom, there's not much of a chance of this bouncing off a table over time thanks to vibrations. This can last 15 hours off charge played at a normal volume, meaning really this can be used ANYWHERE without the fear of it running down on me. Giving me thoughts that once I move off the workout DVDs and get my own solid routine, we can take this party out into the garden - in the warmer months of course.
Even though I have my gym membership and instead of listening to the gym's music station I carry my iPod shuffle being it's small enough to clip onto my clothes. Yet when I'm at home & can't get to the gym, I like to have the sound as loud as possible and surrounding me, no fuss of wires or earphones on me. Except that's what I end up having or having to hook up the stereo speakers cable to my phone and urgh. #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat. Being that this is portable, listen to your music wirelessly, the choice of universal adapters means you can freely travel the world with your own little boombox. These come in handful of colours, high gloss white (as you can see I have the white one, which perfectly fits in with my surroundings),Brushed Aluminum, Pewter and Matte Black. Also I find the Pillar is more unisex as Stellé Audio also provide a speaker in the form of a clutch. Just...oh I love that.

The Techie Specs
1.5" Acoustic Drivers
3" Subwoofer
Universal Power 100-240V AC 50-60Hz
Product Dimensions 4.5 x 4.5 x 12 inches
Product Weight 3 lb.
Built in microphone for Speakerphone
Bluetooth wireless range of up to 50 feet.

The Stellé Audio Couture is available at 5 selected Apple stores in the United Kingdom. Considering how much we pay out on our technology, laptops, phones, tablets - to me this is no different. You can boost your sound from sound enabled devices using this little thing.

Christmas, done come early y'all. Maybe all that extra dancing around aided me to lose 2lbs last week, rock on!

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