The Sunshine Award

Hello, I'm throwing a relaxed post into the mix. I was tagged by the lovely Adrienne from Late Night Nonsense and I keep saying I need to do more tagged posts cos there fun and relaxing. Definitely wanted to do this after being tagged cos the thought behind the tag was oh, so touching. Took me a while (like WEEKS) cos I cant' even think of facts about myself - ye ol' boring. My picture was inspired by hers :) (aww!) ha!

The Sunshine award is given to bloggers who ‘brighten your day’ and ‘inspire’ you to grow your blog and blossom as a blogger. - it's so sweet & a nice way to show your appreciation for other bloggers.

The Rules
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you

2. Post the award logo on your blog
(I broke the rules cos I have no logo)

3. Nominate 5 blogs that you love

4. Share seven facts about yourself

Seven Deadly Facts About Me

1. I watch more crime programmes and read more crime blogs/books than I do anything else. I participate more in those communities than I do within the beauty community. I find it too much for me at times, the egos, competitions and butt kissers of the blogging community. The negatives outweigh the positives sometimes. I don't do negative auras, so that's why you don't see of the me on Twitter too much & if you do, that's a good day & I'm probably on my private account lol.

2. I can click my right big toe mostly all the time on command, actually it clicks when I walk too, mostly without shoes on. Happened because of a car accident I was in and injured my right knee which I still have problem with 12 years later. I have to keep my knee warm in extremely cold temperatures otherwise it locks up and having a knee unlocked - is NOT pleasant.

3. My hair was blown out for the first time when I was about 9 by my Godmother I was going to a Squash club for a Halloween party and due to me being light and having dark hair .. I went as Mortisha Adams. My hair reached to about my elbow and it gave me the encouragement 3 years later to start my religious partnership with straighteners *dramatic music* results I'm still trying to correct without going bald!

4. Talking of Squash, I won a few tournaments by playing that game. Started off as something to do to pass the time on a weekend while my Godmother worked and turned into me being trained and doing tournaments. Yes that's right, me a Squash winner. I enjoyed sports, so much so at one point I wanted to ride bikes professionally and after the training wheels came off, I got my first BMX. Even wanted to do Rugby in high school (girls team wasn't allowed, sexist pigs) but hockey was where I got a lot of my frustrations out - talk about a mean streak with a hockey stick. Oh I was also on the netball team during primary & high school.

5. The lowest weight I've ever been was 8 stone and I was wearing size 8 clothes, never been that small in my adulthood since and quite frankly I didn't like how slim I got, felt like a Cheryl Cole bobble head & acquired the nickname 'Bones' by a co-workers sister lol. I was working 7-12 hour shifts a day and was constantly on my feet but I could make you the best damn cocktail off the top of my head, while pulling up my trousers that were falling off my waist.

6. I beat up a boy in my street when I was 10 and he was 12. He spat at me during a water fight (that he wasn't included in btw). I punched him in his face and smacked him over the head with a mug I was holding. His father then came over and threatened to get me 'done for GBH'. Ah what are tomboys like hey!

7. As a child I was blessed to be exposed to a vast library of different literature & history books, poetry, classical music & piano lessons. I even dabbled with the violin (btw does the Recorder count?) With a lot of my youth spent in the theatre and museums, it's something I feel guilty about not doing much any more as an adult. I was that annoying child in school who knew more about the curriculum. As an only child, I had to find ways to keep myself busy and mind occupied - besides writing and illustrating my own books to sell, cos I thought I was the next Roald Dahl. There was even an offer for me to go on an archaeology dig in Egypt. Unfortunately by that stage my 16 year old rebellion set into motion - story for another time.

Anyone else who wants to do it for fun - tweet me as I'd love to see your 7 facts.
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