My Serum Guide

If there's one thing I added to my skincare routine this year that I've kept all the way through it's serums. Before, I never even bothered with serums, didn't know if there was much purpose. Well I was wrong, serums are something I'm enjoying for my skin, a great deal. I've had the opportunity to try different serums from different brands, of course targeted at different things.

What are serums?
Serums have a higher concentration of active ingredients the majority of serums are gel or creamy gel based, thin enough to be worn underneath moisturiser & make-up. We all use cleansers - toners (most of us) - moisturisers, it's a given for all skincare routines and serums can be added if you are not getting the most of your skincare if the skin is in a rut.

How do serums feel on the skin?
Serums feel light, watery over the skin and a little cooling. I found the first time I used too much the skin felt tight and dry, once again less is more.

I learnt the hard way with this so you don't have too. I used too much the first time, such a small amount honestly goes a long way, post these on the key points, forehead - chin - cheeks & neck. I just start to moisturise from the neck upwards, massaging it in deeply, then I begin to moisturise the face taking care that the skin is getting covered but not over done. Less is more and then you can always see if you need more afterwards. I let it sit and absorb for about 10 minutes. Before doing anything else.
I've found with some serums I need moisturiser after while others are moisturising enough for me not to have any.

Best time to use a serum
I think it's depending on the person, your skins needs and serum formulation. I do like to wear them at night as specific ones can work while my skin is rejuvenating during rest.

My serum tip!
Is to just use one so find a serum that has the most active ingredients that target your specific skin care needs. You don't need to then shop around for different serums to have a line of them like I do at the current time so for instance, my skin is spot prone, combination normal-oily. I prefer serum that's targeted towards congested skin.

I'll do a quick burst reviews of my current serums for my skin in a separate post.

Do you use serums?
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