#ProjectLipstick30 Day 15 - Make Your Own

I'm at the half way mark - wow. That's insane, 14 more lipsticks or lip something's. If you know me like you should do, you should know I enjoy making my own colours more than something out of a tube, it's more experimental, exciting and refreshing and even more so, it's more me.

So digging out my pout paints, they must be the one thing I'm constantly repurchasing because I'm using them like a mad woman. Mixing them into the lip palettes and always just having different colours to hand. Today I felt to go dark and I wanted a purple, the white of course helps to lighten the colour and I can always add more red or blue, lighten until I get the hue I want, this reminds me of a blackburrent. I did put a lip gloss over the top, not pictured as it was last minute - sorry it's the Motives for La La in Flirt that's giving it the gloss and shine bright like a diamond appeal.
Also it turns out my eyebrows were even thicker than this, haha my overgrown caterpillars and to think I was moping cos I had removed too much, doesn't even look like I removed anything, they was in need to a tidy up - was starting to get lazy so I even got some new tweezers to mark the occasion. Yes the hair is also straight, had to do a length check, woo armpit length, my aim is at least waist length - but that's a separate post lol. Ciao!
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