Ted Baker Treasured Orchid Bath Foam & Wash

This month Ted Baker released their new Treasured Orchid toiletries collection. The packaging have a almost oil painting like design of an orchid print. The aroma of rose, sandalwood, raspberry and vanilla some of my favourite scents all mixed into one - divine. Within this range you can get a bath foam, body wash, body soufflé, body spray and there's two separate gift boxes.

Start the day off with this sweet smelling Bath Wash £5.50 that will wake you up but keep you at ease with the scents of sandalwood and raspberry. Drop some on a lily and lather it up! Then finish your day with the Bath Foam £6.00, start running your bath and begin pouring this in. Let the floral scents fill the room to relax you after a long day.

Hate to be the one to say it but these will be good for Christmas (ahhh).

pr samples


  1. Look yummy!! (well like they would smell yummy, not to eat).. :) and re: my granny, yeah she is a character u probably would have remmebered her.. xx

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