#ProjectLipstick30 Day 3 - Diego Dalla Palma The Lipstick - Deep Red

Another day, another unloved lipstick. Shocking being that it's a red shade, huh! Lover of all lip red and all clothes black, there's a trio of these that had been unloved. I'm not sure why I've never bothered with wearing it. This one is Diego Dalla Palma The Lipstick - Deep Red (#31)* and shouldn't of been so unloved.

Ah how this glides on while being pigmented and moisturising. It was so smooth on the lips, I think I started to rub it under 3 hours of wear time, oops. It leaves a teeny red stain but nothing unbearable, the lips just end up looking rosy. It contains Vitamin E making sure that the lips are being moisturised. There's also beads of marine collagen that smooth out lines within the lips, there it goes also for the lips being smooth with a gorgeous not too shiny film covering the lips. It's not that deep of a red on the lips but it's ever so wearable for the daytime.

I can see this project being a good one to finally filter out why so many lipsticks have been unloved, just pure neglect or forgotten hatred.

Deep in love with this red?

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  1. I love this red, looks so gorgeous and smooth on the lips!

    Glambeautys.blogspot.co.uk | youtube.com/lizaprideaux

  2. Oh wow, look at that red! I love that it has collagen in there, really blurs the lines in your lips. I like very much! xo

    Adrienne | Late Night Nonsense | Bloglovin'

  3. What is this project you speak of? Totally out of the loop here, GAH!

    This looks gorgeous on your lips! And you know I'm consistently jealous of your lips.



  4. Nice, the shade of this red pretty is pretty!

  5. What a beautiful shade x

  6. That is such a gorgeous shade! i love this brand x


  7. This is such a beautiful red! I'd never heard of Diego Dalla Palma until recently, and now I seem to see it everywhere. This looks like such a lovely lipstick though, so I really want to give the brand a try! xx

    Squares - Bookworm and Beauty Enthusiast


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