#ProjectLipstick30 Day 20 Blackcurrent Lips

These three lipsticks have just been sitting & sitting and don't get used. So to get rid of them, I melted a slice off each and mixed them together to make another deep dark purple lip look.

I see my lips are just going to be dark & dark and darker for the remainder of the year, makes me feel a different type of sexy lol.
I didn't bleach my brows, I just ran some concealer through them to lighten them, for more of a contrasted overall look, the contract lenses are from MesmerEyez in turquoise and the lip colours are
Max Factor - Midnight Plum
Smooch Cosmetics - Crimson Fire
Saffron - Black (purchased in an Asian beauty supply store)

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  1. I love dark lips for autumn, what a cool colour xx


  2. Stunning color and I like the lighter brows xx

  3. What a great idea, this looks great on you!

    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  4. Really digging the dark lippies on you! It does look sexy! Espesh with those contacts, you look super mysterious!

    I tried out this dark blue one by illamasqua, look no where near as good as you do, blame my wafer thin lips, ha!



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