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#ProjectLipstick30 Day 2 - Illamasqua Obey

Once again today was spent re-decorating all on my lonesome (can see this being a long process) & having a clear out and sort out of my room - yes multi-tasking. Therefore, it was a clear face day with speckles of paint that laid on the face like freckles but I didn't want to cop out on the second day, that would be weak so...I hope you don't mind the follow swatch of this Illamasqua matt lippie.

I've worn this once before, forgot how bloody loud and peachy pink it is. I purchased it on various swatches, the pain of having no store to swatch so I thought based on the swatches it would be a bit more milder in colour but - wrong, wrong! It's a matt finish and quite drying. It can drag along the lips during application but it might look good with a lipgloss, think I'll try that otherwise I may just have to sell up.

Obey or disobey?

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