#ProjectLipstick30 Day 19 Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer Celestial

Another lacquer? Yes I'm afraid, can't help it, I just love them.

This is a medium rose pink tone shade, of course still highly pigmented, moisturising with a silky texture but unfortunately still not very long lasting but GORGE all the same, I can deal with it. "I dig it!" Happy I purchased this colour on a whim, there was no swatch tester or did I really look at online swatches (oh the lies, they can tell) it was just based on, 'hmm that's a nice colour!'
Just like it should be :)

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  1. Sexual! love this colour on ya! What's the texture like?

    1. The texture is almost silky on the lips, so damn smooth! Not like glossy were you think your lips are going to slide off each other and keep going in opposite directions when your talking XO

  2. this looks flawless.. love the shade and the pigmentation looks amazing :)


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