TheVeganKind #35

I'm so excited about the Terra Vegane Classic Cheddar Style Mac & Cheez, because I do love a good Mac & Cheese but finding one that's got delicious cheese alternative is something. I'm looking forward to trying this one because it'll be worth the delivery all the way from Berlin! PROPERCORN Smooth Peanut & Almond Popcorn, I love some popcorn, especially when it's only 120 calories, it's very guilt free. A very different peanut & almond mixture, very rarely have flavoured popcorn so it makes a change, it's not as crunchy as other brand popcorn, it's softer and the taste isn't overpowering, subtle and moreish. Hello! Moo Free Chocolate Caramelised Hazelnut Nibs Bar, I love nuts, hazelnut in chocolate - my favourite. They give a tip to break some of this on top of a smoothie bowl (which I need to try, I love the look of the smoothie bowl) Almighty Foods Golden Blonde Raw Chocolate Bar, is a dairy free white chocolate alternative, truth be told the only white chocolate I use to eat was milky way but not often, chocolate can be quite sickly to me after a while. This one is a cashew cacao bar, as you can see it's golden blonde and it's flavoursome with notes of vanilla, caramel and butterscotch. It's processed at low temperatures making sure all the goodness is intact and you get the full flavours.
I've not had milk in a good while, diary and me don't get on and sometimes I kind of miss having a breakfast cereal bowl, so this Good Hemp Milk Original has just been introduced to me, it's made from hemp seed, basically it can be used like you would of other milk, porridge, cereal, smoothie, tea or coffee and on it's own. This is 75% of your daily intake of omega 3 in this one carton, can't be wrong. I've been wanting to try hemp milk for a while so it's a good chance to see if this can be my replacement milk, it has a very fresh, green (only way I could describe it) taste. Plus what a better way to indulge in a warm drink of any kind than with this TheVeganKind 'Not A Baby Cow' Mug! HOW ADORABLE. This is a perfect gift for vegans, so make sure to look out for it in TheVeganKind shop soon!!!

Have you tried any of these before?

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