Instant Whites - 7 Day Whitening System Review.

I've tried a couple of at home teeth whitening systems, never have I got my teeth done professionally, maybe one day but for now I seem to be content to try at home systems. Introducing Instant Whites - 7 Day Whitening System, a company I have never heard of before and the system seems to be done pretty differently from previous ones I've tried, it uses swabs.

Within the plastic flip lid box are 7 liquid filled swabs, that are peroxide free and can be used on all tooth surfaces such as : natural teeth, caps, crowns, veneers, dentures and bonding. Instant Whites swabs are pH balanced to re-hydrate enamel by that I'm guessing it'll do less damage to the enamel.
How to Use
Ensuring the swab tip is in an upright position slowly begin to collapse both ends till the swab tip becomes moist with liquid.
Use the swab tip to lightly rub and apply a small amount of liquid on the surface of all teeth to be whitened.
A circular rubbing technique is recommended for 10-20 seconds per tooth, or 5 minutes covering all teeth.
Rinse mouth with warm water after use.
Do not eat or drink 30 minutes after - so this is why I use it at night before bed!

That erm how to use, wasn't dummy proof for me, you basically keep the tip end upright (tip pointing to the ceiling) remove (slid down) the bottom half that has the liquid in and take off the white plastic holder that was in the centre. Now push the liquid tube onto the bottom of the tip and gently push upwards. I did this slowly because doing it too fast allowed too much liquid to be released through the swab meaning mess, less control and product!!

It promises 9 shades lighter in 7 days...will that promise hold up?

I decided to do this nightly, after I had brushed my teeth as I didn't want to interfere with the whitening process and thought throughout the night it could benefit more even though they say after one application you'll notice a difference. Well, I'm editing this on day 2 and I don't see a change visibly maybe once I look at photos at the end of the 7 days & do a comparison, I'd notice a difference? Well...
Not too bad with the whitening, it's nothing too drastic but I didn't know what to expect, so I wasn't expecting too much but I'm satisfied with the little lift. I didn't experience any sensitivity, during or after. It's currently £30 in Boots, I'm not sure if I'd bother to purchase it though, I'd probably would want more (whitening) for my buck but hey, can't have it all, there's a definitely a change even if it's a little!

Purchase: Instants Whites 7 Day Whitening System

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