TheVeganKind #36

Happy Monday! I know I just featured the last box, last week - sorry. My last box came late so catch up game. October's box had 7 items and a discount voucher for Natural Blender, which is a handy smoothie kit that has ingredients such as fresh fruit, planted based milks and superfood to make 5 smoothies with easy to follow recipes. Delivered straight to your door - weekly. Karris TheVeganKind founder is soon to blog about her experience of her box on TheVeganKind blog!

Sweet Freedom Fruit Syrup 350g £2.99
Fruit syrup consists of pure fruit, 100% from apples, grapes and carob, no additives, no preservatives and no chemical processing. Low in fructose that's lower than table sugar, honey and agave syrup it has just 13 calories per teaspoon. Perfect for pancakes, toast, porridge...possibly even the treat featured later on in this post too.

All Glamour No Guts Vegan Enamel Pin £5.00
Small and subtle, I think if you're into decorating denim or faux leather jackets, this could be included. I had a look at the rest of the All Glamour No Guts and they've got some really cool t-shirts, tote bags and accessories worth checking out if that's your thing!

The Jealous Life Tangy Worms £2.49
These were delicious, gummy sweets. The first two, I thought were going to take my teeth out lol, I was chewing and jaw got one hell of a workout. I ended up just sucking them until they were a little more soft, then chewed and swallowed but The Jealous Life, you make some delicious sweets there's no denying that.

Oatly Oat Drink 250ml
Made of Swedish oats, this can be a replacement for anything you'd normally use cows milk in. Loaded with protein, carbs, fibers and healthy fat within one drink. It can be stored at room temperature, just remember to shake before use, full ingredients include: at base (water, oats 10%), rapeseed oil, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphates, salt, vitamins (D2, riboflavin and B12).

Ten Acre When the Chilli Got Sweet Crisps 40g 85p
Nom, delicious without a doubt. I really do love Ten Acre crisps, they are hand cooked and smothered in sweet chilli flavouring. It packs a good punch with flavouring but not too much. I'm always disappointed when they're finished especially as the bag is quite generous.

Crushed Apple and Banana Fruit Pouch £1.00
The brainchild of two busy working mums, you can enjoy your 5 a day on the go with a pouch bursting with flavour. I have a think about pureed fruit, I'm not keen. Reminds me of baby food but for those who don't mind this can be eaten as a quick snack whenever hunger strikes, energy boost or post-gym healthy treat. Not bad if you're getting all you need in one shot!

Bakedin Sticky Toffee Pudding 3 pack £3.50
Lastly, home baking and in mugs has never been so simple. Get a sweet treat in over 60 seconds, includes ingredients such as Belgian dark chocolate chunks, marshmallows, cocoa and natural vanilla flavouring, it has a sweet scent, soft sponge and very sticky icky indeed. This would be ideal for a freakshake addition, perfect month for it too!

-_______10p from each box sold in October will be donated to The Bodhi Shelter and Clinic.

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