Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler

Removing body hair ourselves is a chore - right? Well it can be in my case. I try do it regularly but hair grows back so quickly, it's frustrating, I really need to just take my laser out and have it nearby to zap these roots but I've still got to remove the hair first. I like things that are discreet, different attachments, suitable for travel & batteries included...Hello, Veet Precision Beauty Styler.

It's got 2 attachments for the face, of course the comb attachment has gone walkies and I can't find it since I got it -story of my life right now- Sorry. The comb attachment goes on top of the 2 sided precision head and you'd run it over the eyebrows to uniform the hair length. To be honest, I doubt this would be something I'd do, I quite like the length of my brows and even when I trim them I regret it, so I stick with what I know. I have used the precision head to tidy up above my brow where the hairs don't need to be and find it effective, no cuts, no irritation or redness after use which is a bonus with hair removal - just does nothing for that upper lip hair. The body areas are the bikini head which is amazingly close in it's removal but not thoroughly close as its not razor close, I do need to go over but here's to razors lasting a little bit longer as this does the hard work. I was so surprised and the comb does well with going through the hair to help cut it down so it does the trimming and removing. I pretty like it, more for the bikini section than the face, don't get me wrong I don't mind if for the brows I just prefer to pluck the hairs I may need to get rid of but for a quick tidy above the brows it's good once in a while.

- I also want to say thank you for all the nice comments on my previous post xo

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