Shea Moisture Shave

I've decided to have a frugal April while having a makeover month. I say makeover, I guess it's more so a clean up of the body & mind. Hey, it's a new season, got to start shedding that winter fluff. Starting with...removing these leg hairs so I pulled out my epilator and decided to get to work, I haven't epilated in a little while and the pain tolerance was a little low until I continued and the pain became pleasure ha! Once I start I can't stop, oh well until I get nearest to my bikini line, who the f--- can epilate there?! Anyway I've been epilating when I can be bothered for over a year now and besides the fact I've noticed the hairs are all over the show, they grow in patches, hairs grow lop sided left, right and pointing upwards or tucked under the skin but the bonus is the regrowth is a lot slower. Since it was two years since my last epilating review I'd say I'm more confident in how I can use it to suit me.
Truth be told, I did my left leg on Sunday night but as I started after my bath it was tiresome by the time I'd finished, I have the diameter of the universe for thighs and more hair than you'll ever find on a Sasquatch. Yet you will see that there is no redness and just smooth, hair free skin. I did begin to epilate some of my right leg so that's not actually how my hair grows F.Y.I. What I do love about my epilator is the option to use it wet thanks to the added razor to make the legs smoother, as I do find when I use it dry it can't be as smooth. Saying that I use it dry more than wet.

To use it sometimes I go up like I would with a razor in long strokes, sometimes I find short strokes are better per section as it picks up more hairs carefully. I keep a tweezer handy just to make sure I need to release any trapped ingrown hairs and I will pluck them out with the tweezers.
Open the pores
Hold the skin taught

NThe legs aren't the most attractive looking pins once they are done, which is why I say do it 24 hours before you have anything leg showing happening.How you see the front leg looking, that is exactly how the other looked 12 hours previously so believe me when I say a picture speaks a thousand words but these upcoming words will let you know more information.

As soon as I'm finished I apply the Shea Moisture Honey and Blackseed Elixir, I spray it onto my hands and rub it all over my legs, it does state that it can tingle but not to worry as it's good for you, I honestly haven't felt any tingling but don't be alarmed if it happens. I've used ingrown hair prevention sprays before and they have stung and I found those made my legs worse off, irritated the bumps and made the skin itch.

This spray has anti-inflammatory Arabian Honey which aids tissue healing, reduces inflammation and scarring. Willow Bark extract helps soothe sensitised skin, reduced redness and prevent the occurrence of ingrown hair.

The Shea Moisture After Shave Lotion is applied after that & daily to help slow the regrowth and to continue to prevent bumps, razor burn, discolouration and whatever else can happen to the skin after waxing and shaving. Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf extract naturally slows hair regrowth while giving the added benefit of finer, less coarse hair.

None of these irritate my skin which makes it worth the money, they normally retail for over £12 each but have been half price. I think I need to keep up with the epilating as it does remove hairs that are 0.5mm in length.

So now I've done the legs, there's so much more left on this body to do pluck and feather this month.

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