Kettlebell Kickboxing Scorcher Series

Makeover month is still going but I decided to change up my exercise routine this month and since my phone had not been working, I've been able to have earlier nights and that means earlier mornings, 5am early and yes all week, Sun - Mon. The new workouts? Kettlebell Kickboxing Scorcher Series!! I've heard and been told numerous times, forget the cardio for the majority of your workout, pick up the weights, then the misconception ticks in but I don't want to be Hulk Hogan and have 24 inch pythons!!

Forget the bulking up, weight training helps you to burn fat and tone up & boy do I sweat during this but you know something, I actually love it. I started with a 6 kg Kettlebell, I also wear hand weights but they are only a 1lb each. I've never lifted weights before and any less and it would of been baked bin tins for me.

The first few times I did the 4 discs (not at the same time) I listened to the instructor Dasha Libin but once I got the moves down, I'll pop my headphones in and clip my little iPod shuffle onto my sports bra and workout alongside the t.v. team. I mention this because reviews online kept saying about the lack of music and that the instructor talks too much either doesn't bother me, didn't before and well I can't hear with my earphones in.

Four DVDs split into sections Power - Arms, glutes, inner thighs, obliques. Strength - Total body fat loss. Longevity - Lean legs & midsection & Diversity - Abs, arms & glutes. Each move is done for 60 seconds within a set. All week my abs have just been so tight, my thighs and arms - ow I feel the workout. I have one rest day per week and sometimes will do two in a day as these workouts are quite short and as I enjoy them I don't feel as if it's a chore.

Since starting the training my right arm is getting more toned and my left one is getting there, prior to the workout or afterwards I will do extra reps with my left arm. I joke that my right arm is stronger due to my prior excess cheese grating. I should of taken a before image, I guess I still can, even though I'm already noticing slight improvements. I think the next one I want to get is The Body Series.

Have you started any new health & fitness regime?

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