Bust Cellulite Naturally

Cellulite, it's something we either get on with or do something about. I've had it for years, oh gosh for as long as I can remember, I think I still had carpet in my room, so we're talking high school, I read in a teen magazine / Sunday paper magazine that Naomi Campbell used coffee grinds to help her problem areas out. I tried it, the article said to rub it into the areas and wrap clingfilm around it and lay and wait ( can't remember the waiting time ) then rinse off.

It's not something that's particularly bothered me cos it's not extreme and only when I sit down do I see a few of the 'cottage cheese' effects, being that there's no known cure for cellulite, what are we buying into when we're shopping for these creams and oils? Prevention of further cellulite is the most likely answer.

What causes it?
It has been said that cellulite forms when fat cells beneath the skin enlarge, restricting the blood flow and circulation, causing fluid build-up that enlarges the fat cells. Causing a bumpy lumpy appearance under the skin. - Mmm sexy lumps.

This isn't a fat vs skinny issue it's a 80% vs 20% 

Cellulite doesn't discriminate! While asking the males in my life about cellulite from a males prospective, I got responses such as "not a major concern in moderation"..."Find it sexy"...."Less is more but if you're in a committed relationship with someone when it hits full effect it doesn't matter."

Cellulite and all, will be loved.

It's a concern created by women to sell products. I've never heard of a case where a man has divorced or left his partner based on her cellulite ratio. Yet lo' and behold, I'm talking about cellulite today and sharing tips that have worked for me over the years as it's not got any worse.

Stimulate & Scrub!

Dry Body Brushing
I picked this tip up from one book I got in the library when I was about 12 (wish I could find the title of that book!) but I religiously stuck to the dry body brushing. I was also given a detox book that recommended the same thing, it's an inexpensive thing can take 5 minutes tops. It's advised you start from your feet and move your way up towards the heart. Get your circulation flowing better with this quick tip and it might even help reduce the appearance of those bad toxins that are accumulated in the fat cells that we know as cellulite. So there's one for those who prefer manual & automatic and the one for my back

I was informed women in Brazil use sand to rub onto their cellulite to 'prevent' it. Now they're famous for the fact they have some of the best butts in the world. So what can we do? That's right, make your own sugar scrub or coffee scrub or of course if you're not the kitchenista type - go ahead and purchase one that suits you.

I love a good D.I.Y opportunity and here's a scrub that fits that, sugar caffeine cellulite scrub. The two main ingredients are in the title. Sugar is a good exfoliant for the skin, rid any dead skin and help promote stimulation, while the caffeine can help to tighten and smooth out the skin. Thus giving us hope of prevention or any further orange peels. I wouldn't make a big batch of the scrub, you may want to do this 2 - 3 x a week.

½ Cup of Fresh Ground Coffee
¼ Cup of Sea Salt
¼ Cup of Brown Sugar
¼ Cup of Sweet Almond Oil or Olive Oil
Few drops of essential oils (optional)

  • Evenly mix your granules together, coffee, salt and sugar.
  • Add your oil and mix well and store in a tight lidded jar in a dark place, away from sun light and keep cool.
  • Apply a generous amount while in the bath or shower and pay attention to the areas needed always working upwards towards the heart.

We've got the circulation moving, the dead skin gone, our next step is to moisturise but we want to make sure we are still treating that cellulite throughout the day / night.

Cellulite Oils
Here is one I've been using since last month Fushi - Really Good Cellulite Oil it's vegan, made of 98.75% Organic ingredients & slightly pricey at RRP 19.96 for 100ml. The smell I feel would divide some, it took me a while to get use too, I want to say it's a medicine scent but it's not really, it's just quite strong. Now I'm use to it, I find it therapeutic, go figure! This needs to be applied 2x daily for a fortnight then once a day from then. You really need to take time and massage this in, try this method, time consuming but not everything on a shelf is a miracle worker.

My skin has appeared a bit smoother, nothing oh my God, yet it's texture has improved, the dents don't seem as deep but I only can see mine when I'm sitting on a hard chair as that's when they are visible.

The ingredients in this oil are:
Sesamum Indicum (Organic Sesame Seed Oil), Hydrocotyle Asiatica (Triple infused Organic Gotu Kola Serum), Corylus Avellana (Organic Hazelnut), Coffea arabica (Green Coffee), Simmondsia Chinensis (Organic Jojoba Oil), Triticum Vulgare (Organic Wheatgerm), Citrus paradisi (Grapefruit), Betula lenta (Sweet Birch), Tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), *Limonene, *Linalool, *Citral -* Components Of Essential Oils

Note the coffee within the mix. Hopefully if we get you on this cellulite work-out plan *winks* by Summer your cellulite can be better in appearance.

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