Caci Microlift Review

I properly started using the Caci Microlift machine last month, I was a little apprehensive after trying it on my nan and she broke out in some itchy spots, it made me think the serum was going to irritate my skin. The first two times I used it in the evenings I then did a clay mask afterwards cos I was petrified the serum that comes out of the buds was going to result in a break out but after I relaxed and continued the program it didn't happen for me.

The program I continuously used was the toning, I don't have any deep set wrinkles, I have the odd expression lines on my forehead but that's when the muscles are being used, my main issue was around my jaw line, I'd have loved for that to be more toned and firm. I used this 3x a week for just over the month and I have to be honest and say my forehead, I can feel that it's got more firm, when I move my eyebrows up and down, the skin feels more taught.

This isn't something that takes up a lot of time 5 minutes to do the toning treatment and you can do it sitting in front of a hand held mirror and be watching the t.v. or relaxing it's nothing that requires you to take a tremendous amount of effort. I kept it on my dressing table so when I was doing my nightly routine, it'll be there and one of the steps on the given day.

Why I think my forehead toned a lot more than anywhere else was, I actually felt it there more than anywhere. I actually felt the serum being 'pumped' into my forehead and I'm sure I saw very delicate, light flashes of electrons(?) on the higher setting I felt more of an electro pulse especially on the forehead and around the jawline but I found I had to tilt my head to the opposite side that I was treating to get that feeling. When the treatment is done, the areas can feel dry, I'm going to guess that's to do with the serum. I'll wash my face again (make sure the face is clean and make-up free prior to treatment) and continue to get my face bed ready.

If my mid-twenties skin feels more taught in places I could see it benefiting others older. It did take me a while to adjust to it, as in the pinching and release technique & I noticed I kept pressing the buttons while using it, clumsy but once the technique is sorted and you get the intensity mode low, medium and high to suit you, it's a breeze. I wouldn't recommend high to start off with, gradually build yourself up.

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