August SE50

I don't know about you but I have the need that wherever I am in the house music needs to be ready and available. I listen to music more than I watch television, whether I'm in the bathroom, in the kitchen, living room I need music! This is why bluetooth enabled devices are ideal for people like me. Just like this August SE50 Bluetooth Boombox with FM Radio it's perfect.

What's inside the box?
The speaker/FM Radio unit
AC power adapter
3.5mm Jack plug Aux cable
Instruction booklet

It holds the shape of a traditional boombox but thankfully doesn't carry the weight (1238g) or at most the enormous size (30 x 10 x 9.5 cm). It has a contemporary wooden design as described by the company and I'd have to agree, it's quite timeless. Something that someone may of had in the 60s or 70s but people would still want in their homes today. There is an 1.4 inch LCD display that allows you to know if you're using the radio or bluetooth. You can even control the music from the boombox - well you can play & pause if need be if the device isn't in the same room as you.

The range to play your music (from anything that has bluetooth enabled option or a audio jack) wirelessly is 10m which for me is good enough, I can use my phone in other rooms while still hearing or controlling my music, as long as there's open spaces (doors not shut). via the two speakers either side both 15 Watts. The added addition that makes this worthwhile, is the radio, o.k maybe not many of us listen to the radio these days but I know those who do, my nan does, my neighbours, it's still a function a lot of us need and enjoy - even myself. You can store up to 10 radio stations easy for you to find when convenient.

Having this now for just about a week, I'm extremely pleased and for the money, it can't be scoffed at. The one thing is that it's not able to be played without being plugged in, not a deal breaker mind it's the only 'fault' I found.

Official website or purchase on August SE50 - 30W Bluetooth Speaker System with FM Radio £34.50

What do you play your music on?

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