Active Solutions Salicylic Acid

*on repeat* Hyper-pigmentation is an issue of mine and thanks to a really bad time for my skin last month, I'm taking drastic action and decided to do a at home peel using Salicylic Acid. After doing some research this acid seems to be the ideal one for my skin issues.

According to the website the main benefits from salicylic acid are :
- Exfoliates dead skin cells from the surface leaving the skin softer, smoother, and brighter
- Controls excess oil production
- Decongests the pores reducing the possibility of spots
- Removes blackheads
- Encourages skin cell turnover and boosts collagen production
- Effective bactericide - will kill acne causing bacteria

After reading the information sheet that was provided, I made sure my face was clean and dry and applied the acid to my face using a cotton pad (they do also send you some which is a nice touch) and I waited for a minute and I noticed how my face started to get a white film, nothing in clown appearance but it was noticeable as the acid began to dry.

Once the minute was over with, I began to put the neutralising gel on, this is where the tingling started to occur and the skin started to feel flustered. I wondered if I was even doing the right thing & suddenly knew how Freddy Kruger just might of felt! Looking in the mirror, the redness was beginning and I was warned that the redness won't be anything too bad, like a mild sunburn. I've never had a sunburn before and let me tell you something now, I wouldn't want one and I don't know how anyone could risk burning in the sun - so not a good look!

Two minutes later, I was ready to wash off this concoction, I washed it off using my hands and gently patted my face dry with a clean flannel. There was no irritation besides the redness, it says to avoid any creams with petroleum jelly or paraffin wax.

I decided to use the Luminosa Blemish Reduction cream mixed with SPF to make sure the skin was protected, still getting work done and also to protect it even more from the sun. It'll be interesting to see how this works when Mother Natures shows her crass face again! I'll do this every other day and of course I will keep moisturising which I do morning & night as it aids the peeling.

*sexy - sexy*

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