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We all know about my blonde journey, loved having the ombre blonde but now I've decided, it's only good when you want to have vibrant colours running through the hair, looking like a mystical unicorn mermaid. When I was alerted to Chill*, I gave the brand a go with semi-permenant colour that can last from 10 - 20 washes depending on your hair porosity, I thought what the hey, got to give it a chance!

I wasn't left disappointed but rather now I've gained an addiction, screw normal hair, it's colours all the way. I decided to try the Purple & Pink and I got 2 mixers / toners to go with each tube (purchased separately). I thought to do purple at the front quarter and the pink at the back. This was the next morning from colouring staining my hair, it's still a little wet but on the right hand side you can see how vibrant the colour is when it's dry.
It's safe to say, I fell in love and can't even dare think about looking back to having hair any other way. We already know I had a disastrous keratin treatment and explained that if you do have colour in the hair such as semi-permanent it will strip the colour down and make it more pastel than whatever it's current state is.

If your interested in the range here's a list of selected other colours you can get :
Turquoise, Cherry, Purple, Red, Blue, Orange, Berry, Yellow, Pink & Mixer / Toner. All shades are easy to mix with another colour + mixer to get a desired custom shade, you can just go wild with these.

At the time of this going live the official website is under construction but hopefully it should be up soon as you can purchase these. I know I'm itching to get my hands on some more.
Chill 100ml £9.99

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  1. I love the colour of your hair, it looks amazing! I am too nervous to ever try anything like this, but I love seeing what others do x

  2. This is so cute!!!

    A x

  3. Anonymous30/4/14

    You look AMAZING!!! - Can't wait to see your pictures of the other colours you choose. LOVE IT!

  4. Boo to keratin treatments! There's too many of them around nowadays!

    As you know, I love this colour on you :)


  5. P.S - Welcome to the colourful side! ;)

  6. I really love the colour even though the keratin treatment took some of it out x