Free From Frizz | 6 Week Blowout

For years I've read about keratin treatments aka the Brazilian blown out. Keeps the hair straight, free from frizz and gives us that low maintenance hair we've all been wanting.

Cue Free from Frizz, this one time application box is available in Boots for £14.99, comes in two different categories so you can type you hair to the one you need thick/coarse or thin. Being that my hair is natural curly and thick this is the one I have.  It scented like mangos and oh boy is the scent orgasmic.

I've decided to do a initial review seeing as I've used it and waited out the 48 hours and my hair stinks not because of the product more so cos of the straightening...(Urgh burn hair, not orgasmic!) And I want to just get some points out if you are looking to purchase this. Let us begin:

Currently my hair is bleached, dyed and has a mixture of colour that is ready to get into a colour war, that dye is semi-permanent but its more like vegetable dye/ a stain than it is the smelly out the box kind. That being said it was done on Sunday and Monday (you'll see the review) the colour was vibrant and popping. Tuesday I decided to do the free from frizz and I had this feeling it was going to dull the colour. I used the pre-cleanse shampoo that is provided and washed twice as instructed, (btw thanks free from frizz for another Denman shampoo brush..I already own one i use it to run my shampoo and everything through for an even clean) I noticed a fair bit of purple and pink running down the drain but the colour still remained. Onto the treatment itself.

I began to section off my hair into 3 sections as pictured in the instructions diagram and worked my way through my hair and while doing it in noticed the colour start to fade and the stench of the treatment...reminded me of something. Basically I didn't like the smell. The hair started to go hard and I just kept praying that my hair didn't just snap off..You ladies know that fear.

I left it on for 35 minutes as the recommended time is 30 - 40 mins. Rinsed out using warm water and then I noticed my once vibrant hair is now pastel. Nothing against that as I was anticipating that stage just it came too early and I had got use to my colour of 2 days and then something that should last up to 20 washes got pastel in a couple cos of the treatment so for all my unicorns out there with vegetable dyed hair if it's freshly done. Don't do this treatment wait until your needing a do over and do this first! I sacrifice myself for you!

Anyway, back to the stages so each stage you have to wait until the hair is slightly nearly damp (?) This part we are locking in the treatment and running ceramic plates aka straighteners through our hair starting at the nape. Now cos it doesn't say style as usual or desired, I put nothing in it..wet hair on heat flip! This is the part I hated.

Once I finished the hair was dry and just dry...whimsy like a hair commercial but dry with some fly a ways on top, it was static like I'd been messing with those science electric balls. I hated it. You can't put the hair up or get it wet for 48 hours. There goes my steam baths. I went to bed hair all laid out like a Disney Princess and woke up and it had kinks and one side reverted back to its curls (it was dry you see) I had to redo my hair with the straighteners.

After sleep two and my pillows stink of hair burn and I'm going to wash it cos I can't deal with the smell and having to stand near people and have my headpiece stink. The process is not long but it's more hassle than I need if it keeps the frizz down as I see April showers are hitting us then it's not bad if your hair can take it. I don't think the heat process is good for my hair state. Maybe if it was more virgin and has less rigmarole going on in the shafts it could be cool but the next 6 weeks will tell cos I'm off to wash my hair.

- Update after having this now for 5 days and washing it and being out in cold and damp weather I've noticed my hair does have slightly less frizz but the hair is still dealing with fly aways but I think with my hair being straight it's how it goes. I'm not 100% sure if I would purchase this myself as I'm not totally convinced.

Tried anything like this?

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