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Roughly for a month I've been using Racinne Skincare. I decided to change my skincare routine by adding this cleanser and scrub (I love scrubs - serious addiction. Racinne has three different categories for what you might be looking for in terms of skincare 'Ultimate Youth Power', 'Ultimate Hydra' & 'Ultimate Aqua Blanc'. The two products I'm going to talk on come from the Ultimate Hydra range.

Both are suitable for all skin types but recommended more for those with normal to combination skin.
The swatches of the products Cleansing foam (L) - Refining Scrub (R)
Looks like a shimmery rave! As you can see they are quite similar in appearance dispiste being for two different things but the exfoliating particles in the scrub are so fine and soft they almost disappear into the skin without you noticing.

The gentle cleansing foam is exactly that, I didn't find any irritations, well with either product. It didn't break me out and my face felt quite clean and refreshed afterwards. it's second ingredient next to water is Myristic Acid. I've never come across this before after some research I've discovered this is an fatty acid occurring in most animal and vegetable fats, particularly butterfat and coconut, palm, and nutmeg oils. The downside is that this does have parabens in, albeit there all near the end of the list but it will put a lot of people off. As an addict to scrubs, I did really love this, it's soft and unlike some scrubs that are very gritty, can irritate the skin or feel drying afterwards, can't say I experienced any of those with them, I used this 2x a week and did notice a brighter complexion - though it happens most times I use an exfoliator. I'd recommend the exfoliator for those who do have skin that's prone to irritation and combination skin. If you prefer a more gentle exfoliator - this one is that. Even the scents for both products isn't overbearing delicately floral & fresh but here's my honest opinion, I do hate looking at ingredient lists and having to Google a great deal of them, it's just my personal preference, I'd rather have 5-6 and know what they mean than 14+ and only understand water and that was my issue with these.

Ultimate Hydra Gentle Cleansing Foam 120ml £22.00
Ultimate Hydra Gentle Refining Scrub 75ml £19.00


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