EyeCANDY - Sexy And You Know It

Proudly UK sourced, created, designed and manufactured. How does it hold up?

Strolling through Sainsbury's today I was looking for some eyelashes and glanced upwards and saw a new collection of new polishes "eye CANDY" so naturally I glanced through the range.

First glance what does this shade look to be a dupe of ? ___________ !!

Now I never bothered to buy Chanel - Peridot nor the Jessica - Iridescent Eye. The trend was very hot and dupes started coming about and I would see by what I've seen from other's the Jessica one looks to be a good dupe.


This brand carries more than just nail polishes, such a false nails & false eyelashes. With a 50s & 60s style to their packaging they say eyeCANDY will give you the finest quality for a fraction of the price.


I picked this up and looking at the package it says "Liquid Gold" as the shade but once out of the packaging it says on the bottle it's called "Sexy And You Know It" apparently the first batch was mislabelled.


The formula of the polish isn't thin or runny it can be quite thick but I only needed two coats. I've had some nail polish that just run and are thin or can be so thick they tend to just goop on my nails.
They say that it's long lasting, chip-resistant and has an ultra gloss shine. Only time will tell!


Taking 3 different pictures under 3 different lightings/effects to see just what gives that iridescent effect.

  • First swatch is taken by natural light has a green/gold undertone. 

  • This swatch is taken under flash and it has a liquid bronze colour.

  • The final swatch is taken underwater. Where I got the best iridescent effect. 

Just unfortunate that now there isn't much sun - seems Britain had it's heat wave but I'm very sure this would of looked amazing by sunlight.

They don't currently stock the polishes online but they do mention their stockists and ones near you. Safe bet, try Sainsbury's :)

PRICE : £8.00
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