LipBoss - Lip Tattoo

I got those Jubilee Lips.

I was sent a bunch of lip tattoos from LipBoss a few months back and I've just been waiting on the right opportunity to use them. As today was The Queen's official Jubilee I thought - hey no time like the present.

First time users like myself this is what to expect (with LipBoss anyway)

  • Envelope packaging with design on the front.
  • Contains 3 lip stencils.
  • The back of the lip stencils giving you a diagram on where you need to cut
  • The lips out of the packaging. 

The next stage well one thing that needs to be noted is this is a flag, with a pattern that needs aligning - something on my first round I forgot about. Really it's like those temporary tattoos as a child just on the lips.

  • Putting it against my lip in a AHH shape as instructed I could see where the corners of my mouth went to on the three side lines and I cut on that line so it could fit. Remove the film and place carefully onto the lip - it's tacky.
  • Soaking a cotton pad and dabbing it on top until soaked and it begins to slide off
  • Viola 
  • Take two


So I had this on for roughly 5 and half hours and in that time I had drinks, eaten, talked well just lived and by the time I was ready t take it off it was fading slightly. They do say the lip tattoos can last for 4-8hrs so if it was to be used for a night out it would be perfect.

I found them drying but and I did put a small amount of vaseline on them once they had dried and it didn't interfere with the tattoo. I'll have a more in depth review on the collection over time!

Purchase :
Price : £6.49

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