Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, What's Happenin' ?

Poor Dolce Vanity it's been a slightly neglected [need a middle ground]been slightly busy the last week and half.

  • Celebrated my birthday last week Saturday I'm technically 24 but 21 - your face reading that is exactly how most of my friends & family's expressions have been when I said that. Only 21 twice!
  • On top of that I went Disneyland Paris for a couple of days.
  • Finally got my ombre hair - D.I.Y all the way - I chopped a good inch & half off too boohoo.
There's a few blog post that need to be written up too 

  • Review on Sleek i-Divine Ultra Matte Palette - Brights. 
  • Review on Ickle Bockle 
  • Review on Agadir Argan Oil
  • NOTD
  • Birthday & DLP 
  • Skincare Update 

TGIF ? I feel like my week is starting today ... 236 unread emails in a couple days - unreal.

How y'all been ? & hello new followers *waves*
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  1. beautiful...lips and brows are on point

  2. Happy Belated Birthday luv!

  3. you look so pretty!

  4. your makeup looks stunning can you do a post on how you did it? xxx

  5. love the makeup look and your hair looks great, happy belated birthday :)

  6. Happy belated birthday.

    Your makeup looks beautiful, as well as your eyebrows!

  7. Your makeup looks amazing. As well as your eyebrows.

  8. Happy belated luv!! hair looks lovely!

  9. Your hair is GORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGEOUS!!!! I love it! Happy belated b.day as well! Mine is today ^_^

    1. Thank you :) ...and happy belated birthday to you too, hope you enjoyed your day xo

  10. You look stunning Jolita! Happy belated birthday, I love a bit of Disneyland Paris. Never too old to visit methinks.


    1. Thanks, haha it's true we're really not. Big kids :o)

  11. Absolutely gorgeous honey,love the makeup&hair<3 Happy belated birthday sunshine


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