How Product Expiration Concious Are You ?

I have to admit that for quite a while I would hang onto products because I want to get my 'moneys worth' but is our money's worth - worth the risk that we could impose on our skin if we don't get rid of the product after it's first been opened?

My grandmother is from the days where they didn't have expiration dates on products so when she sees me throwing things out left right & centre she'll be telling me ' Don't throw that away, you've got plenty left ' & I'll explain about the product expiration and she'll kiss her teeth and in her Jamaican accent continue to tell me ' Stop with that rubbish ' lol.

Of course products all have a general guidelines into why we should throw them away but  we must trust our judgement. Any change in consistency, colour and smell are all reasons that your product should head for the bin.

Yet I can imagine a good deal of us our product junkies and remembering when we've opened something in our vast collection of goodies could be complicated. If we use a product on a regular basis we're bound to go through it quickly but what happens to those products we have used once and didn't quite click with and are hmmming & ahhhing over.

You know what I say -give it to someone who will use it.

Identifying Product Expiration :

First and foremost you will notice on most products that they feature a symbol/logo like the one to the left. The numbers & letter represent the number of months that you should use this product up by. They will vary in numbers such as 6, 12 & 24.

Yet don't wait until the expiration month is up if you start to notice your products going funny don't hesitate e.g. foundation and nail polish that has started to separate - throw it out.

Rough Product Lifeline Guide :
These months can vary depending on where you search online & companies so this isn't an EXACT guideline it's a rough estimate from a couple I have personally found online.

Foundation: 3-6 months
Concealer: Wand applicator concealers should be tossed within 6 months since they’re likely to grow bacteria. Stick, twist-up tubes, or compact concealers can last up to 12 months, especially if you use a makeup brush to apply the product.
Pressed powder cosmetics:  Facial powder, blush and eyeshadow should be thrown out after one year. If you get an eye infection, however, you’ll have to toss out any eyeshadow you’ve used, to avoid re-infecting yourself.
Lip gloss and lipstick: 1year.
Mascara: You should always replace mascara after 3 months. And toss it immediately if it becomes dry, or you develop an eye infection. Remember: Never, ever share mascara!
Eye and lip pencils: If you sharpen them every few days, makeup pencils can last a year or longer. It’s time to trash them when they become dry, crumbly, and hard to apply.
All-natural cosmetics: Because these products do not contain preservatives, they should be used or discarded within 6 months.

Oil-free foundation: 1 year
Cream or compact foundation: 18 months
Concealer: 12-18 months
Powder: 2 years
Blush and bronzer: 2 years
Cream blush: 12-18 months
Powder eyeshadow: 2 years
Cream eyeshadow: 12-18 months
Eyeliner: 2 years
Liquid eyeliner: 3-6 months
Mascara: 3 months
Lipstick: 2 years
Lip liner: 2 years
Lip gloss: 18-24 months
Nail color: 12 - 24 months
Fragrance: 2-5 years

 - guides / tips from The Budget Fashionista & MakeupandBeautyBlog

I bought these last April - I've had these for 1 year and a month - look at the change of consistency. 

Now in all honesty I'm not the MOST expiration concious but I am quite concious now a lot more than I was two years ago. I'm a woman who has multiple mascaras, eye-liners & so forth the other day I found a make up bag under my bed that had old brushes and odd pieces of make up from 2007!!! Safe to say they were binned lol.

Bacatria build up isn't worth getting your moneys worth - just be careful .....

not my eye BTW !!

How often do you check your beauty products for their expiration ?
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  1. Thank god for reading this! I always wonder when I should toss my products. Like you said I don't wanna throw them out but I don't want to get sick either. Thanks for laying out how many months for each. I'll definitely keep this in mind!

  2. This is an extremely thought provoking post. It's definitely something that I am going to bear in mind from now on.
    - Keyta x

  3. The picture at the end is terrifying! Perhaps I should be more cautious when it comes to make-up!x

  4. Anonymous31/5/12

    I use to hate tossing my stuff but of late I try to go through my beauty products and throw anything that looks old or smell funky out!

  5. i don't buy much dupe-products for skincare so i use everythin up before it expires.
    as for the make up - i have several old blushes - they are ok, i think powder type of products can be used much longer than indicated :)

  6. Urgh!! That eye oicture looks so horrible (especially since it looks like their still wearing some mascara under all that bacterial build up.

    I toss out a lot of nailpolishes and lipglosses once them formula starts to separate but with my eyeshadows, I sanitise them with some alcohol and that extends the use period

  7. I do get through bb cream and mascara before the expiration, other than that I guess I must be sat some foundations and powders, oh yeah and little used eyeliners (I'll give them a good sharpen!) for much longer.

    I'm trying to simplify everything in my life including not buying more makeup until I've used what I have... but had already stockpiled on about 10 tubes of korean bb cream!!

    have you seen Alt Beauty Boxes? 9 items inc 2 sets of false eyelashes? Please check out and share xx

  8. All of those guidelines make sense except for nail polish, since it is self-sanitizing since nothing can survive in a bottle of nail polish due to the chemicals. Plus, it never smells bad, no matter how old it is. And your grandmother sounds like my entire family! I love being Jamaican!