Lip Smacking Colour Mixing Tutorial

I was asked by Penelope from Penelope's Beauty Obsession how I created the colours in my Lip Smacking Colour Mixing post. I agreed to show her because it's a reader request, I was also feeling a little blah and struggling to do anything today I have a few FOTDs that need creating but *sighs* I copped out and this seemed a little simpler.

As I said before I used 5 colours Sleek MakeUPs Pout Paints "Peek-A-Boo, Pin-Up, Cloud 9 & Peachy Keen" & OCC Lip Tar "Grandma"

Unfortunately it's all about ratio. Some colours can be made on a fluke others a lot more easier, it can be quick or time consuming but none the less you can create so many different (unique) colours for less money.

Of course this goes back to pre-school and our colour making skills - what colours make what and if we make certain colours what could they blend into!

Image heavy post, tried to make it compact - let's go :

  • Equal drops of Pin-Up & Peek-A-Boo
  • Mixing these gives us a Deep Purple 
  • Add Cloud 9
  • This gives us a lighter shade but darker than Lilac adding Peek-A-Boo on the side and using the remainder of what's left on my brush gives us a Tropical Sea Blue
  • Add Cloud 9 onto that gives us a Pale Blue 
  • Yet adding more Peek-A-Boo will almost give it a Turquoise shade.

  • Peachy Keen 
  • with Peek-A-Boo 
  • Gives us a Dark Green shade
  • Using OCC Lip Tar Grandma 
  • With the remainder of the green on the brush gives us a Maroon

Now let me give an example of colour ratio :

The purple in the middle was created by using all 4 colours you see before it but in the second image you can see that the purple comes out a lot more lighter, obviously because one colour -most likely the white - was used just a little bit more.

Hope this helps :)
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