Victoria's Secret UK Stores Opening Dates

Love Pink?

I remember first hearing the UK was finally going to open up a Victoria's Secret located on London's Bond Street {New Bond Street and the corner of Brook Street}. All we knew was it was going to be next summer which is now this summer.

July 25th to be exact.

With July 26th seeing the store opening at the Westfield in Stratford, word is Angels are meant to be in town for the opening.

[truth be told, I just want me a robe *shrugs*]

Are you excited for the opening or will you be attending ?!
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  1. Wahou,I will see an entry in Victoria's Secret.
    But there are none in France : (

  2. Hmm not really. I'm interested to see how much they'll charge for items. I know it'll be more expensive.

    I've no interest in the sprays or body butters as I made myself sick of them when I went a bit OTT in NY a few yrs ago and I'm not really a fan of the underwear - they have some disgusting looking patterns!

    All about the PINK loungewear and uni hoodies/jogging bottoms.

  3. Anonymous5/22/2012

    WOWZA - about time :) Very excited for the launch of this store :)

  4. I havent shopped there AT ALL! Too fat :(

  5. I work at the Victoria's Secret in the States and our store is literally tripling in size. It must be exciting because I know we are!

  6. oh I cant wait! thanks for telling us the date =D

  7. I'm excited just to scoop up their body mists. Can't stand having to wait til I hit an airport to stock up on them.

    I might get excited about the undies once I see how much they cost

  8. i'd love to go but why in london!!!!!

  9. Anonymous12/27/2012

    Why in London is so expensive ?!?!?!?


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