To Eat It Feels Barbaric, But To Wear It Feels Glamorous

Updated May 2021:
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You Must Of Lost Your Damn Mind...

July seemed to be the month of companies putting their foot in their mouths. Alice & Olivia designer Stacey Bendet is a self proclaimed 'vegan' yet she wore a Mongolian lamb gilet at the launch for M.A.C.'s Alice + Olivia Collection Launch [the gilet is from next seasons collection ] & for the last few weeks this subject has been getting to me.

M.A.C. who are a company who do not believe in animal testing and also have strict vegan Pamela Anderson as a spokeswoman, lost their Human Rights Ethics this July with the controversy over the MAC Rodarte collection which caused a huge uproar & rightfully so.
[M.A.C. have since said they will now be donating 100% of the profits from this collection to the people of Juarez.] - A Special Well Done & Congratulations To All The Blogger's & Readers Who Signed Various Online Petition's & Protested For This To Happen!!

Stacey Bendet believes there is a special place in hell for those who wear fur such as chinchilla's, rabbits, foxes, bears etc so they must be keeping a special hot seat for this fur wearing vegan :

“I’m vegan, actually,” Bendet said, according to New York magazine. “I don’t eat [animals], I don’t put meat in my body. So every once in a while I think it’s okay to wear it. But I made it — I’m probably going to hell.”

She made these comments during the Alice + Olivia launch while in NYC @ Beauty Bar. She goes on to say..

“I don’t feel that guilty wearing it. I don’t know why. It doesn’t make sense. But something about putting it inside me feels really barbaric. Something about wearing it just feels a little glamorous.”

PETA's response to Ms Bendet

Dear Ms. Bendet,
Greetings from PETA. We were pleased to hear that you refuse to support the cruel factory-farming industry by eating a vegan diet. In light of this, I must say that we were surprised to see that you would allow yourself to become a spokesperson for the violent fur trade. Please take a few minutes to watch this video, which is narrated by Martha Stewart, who had a change of heart about fur after learning that animals are routinely bludgeoned, gassed, and often skinned alive for their fur. After viewing the video, I hope that you will agree that there's nothing glamorous about the way that animals suffer and die in the fur industry.

Because of the cruelty that's inherent in the fur industry, a rapidly growing number of designers—including Stella McCartney, Marc Bouwer, Vivienne Westwood, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Perry Ellis, and Liz Claiborne—have chosen to create wonderful designs without using animal fur. Many celebrities have also sworn off fur, including first ladies Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni, who both recently announced that they are fur-free.

Okay maybe she doesn't eat meat for dietary reason not so much the care for the animals but I feel it's all about ethics. Not that my respect mean's much to someone who doesn't know me but it kind of sucks that you will call yourself a vegan for whatever reason but you will feel glamorous to wear a slaughtered animals fur.

Being a pesco-vegetarian I chose this lifestyle because I am an animal lover but had to keep certain things within my diet. I try my hardest to never wear or buy from companies who endorse testing on animals or animal skin/fur but that is just me. When I believe in a cause I will try my damn hardest to do my all for it. I never hold anything against people who eat or wear it that is your prerogative as it is mine to choose against it.

But to say to eat it feels barbaric but you feel glamorous to wear them...honey child you've certainly lost the plot.
How do you feel about this subject , meat eaters or nice to see your views!

Source : Alice + Olivia Designer Stacey Bendet Doesn’t Eat Animals, But Feels Glamorous Wearing Them

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