Garnier Rainforest Brown's : Golden Mahogany Brown

Updated May 2021:
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Upcoming change of season is rapidly approaching therefore I'm also looking for colour change. The past two weeks I've been looking for the Garnier Rainforest Brown's collection after seeing the commercial. I've come to notice it doesn't say the name on the boxes.
As I recognized Bar Refaeli on the front I knew it was the colour that I was after shade no #535 Golden Mahogany Brown.

The last time I coloured my hair was right before xmas and I was using Clairol 10 in light brown and since my roots have been coming through drastically I needed to have a colour change:

This was the colour before you can see the my natural hair colour & the previous hair colour which in retrospect it's not the original colour of the dye as my hair loves to do a lot of different shadings after sun exposure and washes so reality it's more multi-toned like so...

I prefer using créme mixtures because liquid dyes are horrendous in my opinion especially afterwards my hair never took well to liquid mixed dyes..I spent many months and pounds to fix my hair condition after using liquid mixed dyes and ask anyone close to me to know have known me long enough to seen the colours my hair has been lol you could imagine the damage.

This is my hair under flash lighting so you can see the colour a lot better. It looks similar to the previous colour but it's not, there are more red undertones in natural light. First time using Garnier hair colouring my hair doesn't feel as good as it does after using Clairol but it's not in a state at all, I washed it 2 days after the application again and it seems to be doing well enough. This is the start of my colour build up, I'm going to dye it 2-3x more in a 6-8 week period to get my colour build up.
When I get the colour I want under natural light I will be happy :)

Do you change your hair colour with the season's ?
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