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Updated May 2021:
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A lot of us love lush & I am one of them.
I'm embarking on a new skin routine. I am trying to use more natural products & ingredients & hoping for the best.

Mrs Whippy -(£2.50) & Babyface -(£4.10)

Mrs Whippy :
Strawberry ice cream bath. There is soya milk in the middle, so the water becomes extra softened when the ballistic fizzes down to the centre. It's a milk bath like Cleopatra used to have, and it's great for soothing skin after intense sunshine. Mrs. Whippy fizzes slowly, giving you a long-lasting soak and smooth skin.I haven't used Mrs Whippy yet & cannot as I have to take it back to the store seeing as they decided to put it in the till as another Bath Ballistic "Sakura" & I am frugal to put it nicely lol so every penny counts. There have been enough reviews about this bath ballistic anyways so far it's a big positive.

Babyface :
Tangerine oil - Four different kinds of butter.
Each smiling bar has four different natural plant butters in it to remove dirt and restore moisture. Its scent comes from toning tangerine oil and everlasting flower, which might grant you everlasting beauty. Natural butter bar for effective cleansing.
Baby Face melts on the skin, so you can softly smooth it all over the bits that need cleansing (it’s an excellent makeup remover). It was made as a solid, preservative-free alternative to Ultrabland. Cocoa, shea and avocado butters.

This has been recommended to me over and over again and from reading various posts / forums not many people dislike this either the ingredients seem to come with good benefits that you want in a cleanser such as to remove dirt & restore moisture as my last routine started to leave my face drying out after cleansing eeek. Even when you touch it, it leaves your fingertips smooth.

Brazened Honey -(£4.95)
Turmeric and honey
Turmeric's active compounds brighten the complexion and have antioxidant properties. The honey is antibacterial, but is very softening at the same time. Ginger has a powerful antibacterial action. It is also thought to have an anti-inflammatory effect on irritated, blotchy skin

Whenever I smell it, I automatically think 'Pollen'. That's the scent I get from it. I find it to be an acquired smell! I'm always told of the benefits of Ginger, don't particularly like to drink it or to have a piece of it in my mouth when feeling unwell but it reaps skin benefits especially if you suffer from acne. I've read that tea tree is also good for inflammatory, nah uh not for me anyways.
Hence why I have now switched my routine - again.

Damn remember the days when skin was so much easier and not such a money burner. Mainly because those days we was still knee high to a grasshopper & everything was out of the pockets of others lol!

What are your Lush favourites?
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