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Buy three items get two free, can't complain with that logic.
Now if memory serves for a short period of time this year I worked for K By Beverley Knight as a beauty consultant. I left due to the fact they cannot conduct business correctly and no-one really knew the stand was there, I managed to get people in because they knew me and they then noticed the stand so when I read the company has gone bust - didn't shock me. With products at discount I decided to stock up before things are completely gone, after working with some of these products I already knew what I loved from what I wasn't 100% for, the Matt Primer I would recommend all the time as with the blushes -(which I didn't get this time round) & the red lipstick as I adore my reds.

Matt Primer, Lipstick In Cardinal
The model is wearing Cardinal & the red lip gloss on top, I never did see them on the website even though we had them in-store just before I left.

So what did I get free...well 'things' that I now must do some research on.

The first thing that needs no research is the Jemma Kidd Eye Wardrobe Colour Quartet In Brown
I've wanted to purchase some of her makeup as I've heard nothing but great reviews about it, so I feel fortunate enough to be get this product. 7 available shades in the collection & I'm getting ready for fall these colours may do me nicely .
I got these Mario Badescu samples. Celebrities seem to love this skincare range. So I got the Alpha-Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion & Corrective Complex Emulsion . The website says:

Alpha-Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion
Minimize Fine Lines And Discoloration. The exfoliating powers of Citrus Extracts and the soothing nature of Aloe and Seaweed Extracts make this toner perfect for dull, dry and sensitive complexions. Citrus naturally breaks down pore congestion and dead skin cells for a healthy, refreshed glow. Also a solution for those suffering with pigmentation and discoloration of the skin. Alcohol free.

How to Use: Twice daily after cleansing, pat skin dry and apply lotion-dampened cotton to skin, wiping in an outward direction until cotton comes up clean. Avoid eye area. Follow with moisturizer or night cream.

Corrective Complex Emulsion
Our repair serum for smoothing fine lines, reducing minor discoloration and rough texture. A formulation of intense moisture ingredients and Alpha Hydroxy Acids make this gentle serum effective and non-irritating. Best when used daily or overnight under a nourishing, hydrating cream like Vitacel Moist Cream or Ceramide Complex With N.M.F. & A.H.A.

How to Use: After cleansing and toning apply 4-5 drops on face avoiding eye area. Follow with moisturizer or night cream. May be used twice daily.

Beauty Tip: Smooth 2-3 drops around lips before bed to soften the look of vertical lip lines. May also be used before lipstick.

Seeing as I'm embarking on a new skincare routine we'll see how these samples feel & take effect - if any. To see if I feel it worthy enough to purchase. I guess Dr Sebagh is the 'King Of Botox' I believe from a report I just read, honestly never heard of him lol but there's always a first time to discover and learn.

Dr Sebagh Deep Exfoliating Sensitive Mask is a soft formulation mask for those not suited to the original formula.
Key Benefits:

- Removes dead skin cells from the upper layers of the skin.
- Minimises the potential irritation caused by AHAs.

It contains:

- Azelaic acid 1.6%.
- Lactic Acid 7.2%
- Dihydroavenanthramide D - An anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine ingredient that helps to reduce the potential irritation caused by AHAs

Well I will try the sample, on what area I can cover and see if I notice anything once again but I don't see me making any big splurges for awhile I'm finishing off Christmas shopping lmao. - I know I'm that damn anal.

Anyone purchased & /or tried these products or any from these ranges?
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