Feathered Sequined Shoulder Pads

faux feathers I adore you.

A quick way to turn a simple LBD or even a tshirt into something unique (IMO), add some shoulder pads with FEATHERS!!
My first attempt at D.I.Y. clothing for this blog was my feather skirt which unfortunately hasn't been worn yet lol. So not only do I buy to shrine them, I D.I.Y. to shrine them!!

Two Shoulder Pads
Black Thread & Needle
Coque Feathers
Optional // Fray Stop Glue // Chains

We need to cut the sequins to the size of the shoulder pad, don't worry if it overlaps a little just make sure it's equal length either end. If your sequin material starts to fray, this is where the fray stop glue comes into play as you don't want your sequins to start dropping off little by little.

& repeat with the bottom layer [if you have small sequin strips like myself.]

Take the feather trim, I didn't cut them to measure the shoulder pads. Instead I just took the starting end and placed it UNDERNEATH the sequin strip - so the sequins are overlapping the feather trim and I began to stitch them together onto the shoulder pad and just carried on till I got all the way round till the end met the starting feather trim..then I snipped the remaining feather trim off.

-VOILA finished.

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