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Updated May 2021:
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I entered Yinka's from VEX in The City giveaway for Kiss Nails. I was thrilled & thankful that I was one of the lucky ladies to win.
My parcel arrived Thursday morning:

As you can see it's a nice generous bundle of goodies that Kiss Nails gave away.

Top Left Image:
2x Emery File
1x Draw On French Tip Pen
1x Mega Hold Press-On Tabs

Top Right Image:
2x Everlasting French -Clear Pink
2x Everlasting French -Petites (Smaller Nails For Smaller Hands)

Bottom Image:
All Or One. Artificial Nail Remover w/ orange stick & emery file.

Yesterday I decided to test the Everlasting French Clear Pink nails. I have not worn press on nails since before 2005 & then I moved on to getting acrylics done professionally between 2006 & 2007 since then my nails started to grow themselves so I never bothered.
For me I felt going back to faking it wasn't needed now my own were growing & I never started to like the image that false nails started to go along with. Once again this is a case of each to their own as I understand that not everyone can or has the patience to grow their own nails so fake it if you want too.

The application was very easy as you can see they have tabs with numbers on so it makes it easier for you to know the nail you may need for the opposite hand:

The only problem I encountered was afterwards as my nail tip doesn't start to grow from near the tip of my fingers they are quite short so maybe *light bulb moment* I should of tried the smaller nails for smaller hands first but hey there is always time.

You can see my actual nail tip peeking through as they are transparent if you stare at them & examine them. I do find that the tabs make for easy application as when I use to do it myself I was forever glueing fingers together lol. Which made for a messy finish!!

Since yesterday two have come off, my thumb nail started dangling off after I went outside to pick one of my rabbits up. I let that slide as it was the first one I applied & I don't think I applied much glue. Then this morning my pinky finger pinged off into the unknown when I pressed the remote control lol!

I'm going to paint them I think, take advantage of them while I can!

Are you or have you ever been a false nail person ? I'd love to know people's views on them.
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