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On this day 48 years ago, Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her home. The death that fan's & journalist have debated about for decades. I myself do not like to debate or add speculation to it, anyway we look at it, it's a tragedy. Norma Jean the girl who never thought she was ever good enough but wanted to be something spectacular to the Marilyn Monroe who seeked love & happiness throughout but seemed to always end up lost & alone.

She's the ICON that has spawned many imitations in the forms of models, actresses & singers but she has never been duplicated.

This was the very first picture I ever saw of Marilyn. My mum had it upon her wall in her home, the image I use to stand by & admire and even secretly want for myself. I'd never seen such a beauty! When I looked below the picture and saw her name printed boldly in uppercase letters ... it's a name that has never left me & that was over 15 years ago. I'd admired her beauty so flawless, she looked so delicate & for a reason I was drawn to her. - I remember being told the myth that she had 6 toes and in this photograph they had tucked the toe underneath so no-one would know lol. It even got me studying the picture to see if I could notice any such thing.

I adore Marilyn, my grandmother remarks that I have a thing for ' troubled, lost Icons ' which could maybe just be true [I call her the mother from another life lol]. I have always felt a strong connection to Marilyn, maybe it's the legend of who she was or feeling one & the same with things she experienced. Whatever the reason may be she's a cultural figure I hold close to myself.

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