Black Cherries

Rimmel London I Love Lasting Finish -Black Cherries .

I walk into Tesco's yesterday to pick up hairdye but still manage to walk out with a nail varnish which was good because I originally picked up 5. Yes I refrained & wised up.

Summer in the U.K. is supposedly over with (according to reports & the sky) & I am ready & preparing for my Autumn / Winter months.
I picked this up as it reminds me of Autumn, the deep purple leaves on the ground.The nail polish cost me £2.95 & I decided to paint over my KISS false nails.
Are you ready to trade in your bright's for the darks ?


  1. sublime colour! thanks for sharin'

  2. Beautiful color. Perfect for Fall!

  3. @Mz More, thanks, I'm all getting ready for it lol!

  4. @WorshipBlues, no problem. my no.1 creative bunny :)

  5. Love this color! Great choice.

  6. I'm really upset about summer finishing so early. I was looking forward to summer this year aswell. I think that is a great colour for autumn.


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