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I remember when I first started blogging back in 2008, most the blogs I could read were on livejournal or blogger and were U.S. based so it was all about MAC, Sephora & Urban Decay. Everything was high end or unavailable, even though I still purchased from a couple of those brands it wasn't until Sleek MakeUP started to make a wave that I gave drugstore make-up a second glance. Of course before that little pick ups from collection 2000, Bourjois was ideal but Sleek MakeUP just was that brand I'd seen it previously in the hair shop, the liquid eyeliner, créme to powder compact but never gave it a second glance but as it started to be stocked in Superdrug and the range started to develop I decided for my birthday the following year to get the Sleek Storm palette.
My drawer is full of palettes from Sleek MakeUP but I've not bothered as much as once before, think my last palette purchase was....umm Garden of Eden was either Del Mar or Arabian Nights .. it's been a little while since I got a palette but there are products that are always a yes.

i-Divine palettes
I prefer the older formula/texture when it was a wafer texture, the newer ones seemed to be chalky when it was first changed but I've not had many since the 2012 change to compare if it's improved but there's no denying that for 18 shadows you get affordable pigmented shades. When I first bought these they were under £5 in 2009 but prices change and for under £10, can we really complain?
The colours are versatile & there seems to be a palette for everyone no matter your make-up taste. Some of my favourites are Storm, Oh So Special, Au Naturel, Sunset, Paraguaya, Bohemian, Graphite & Monaco.

Brow Kit
The swap was made after my UD Brow Box finished. This brow kit comes with a mini tweezer, slanted brush & flat brush, powder & wax. I was using this in dark and even showed my brow routine in a video using it. I use the powder and wax to give me a defined and thicker brow appearance even though I've got brows already, they're not dense so sometimes I prefer to fill in when I want a 'refined & fuller' look. his kit is generous with the tools it provides & even a mirror inside. Perfect for the travel make-up bag as it's compact. Now in 5 shades from light to black, it could be a good starter brow kit for those needing one on budget.

Remember the dupe for NARS Orgasm - Sleek MakeUP Rose Gold Blush. If that alone didn't make you want to go out and purchase from the brand. Their blushers have to be a steal with the pigmentation, they can't be faulted. Some have shimmer through - others matte. I've got a range of colours with some favourites being Life's a Peach, Pan-Tao, Sunrise, Rose Gold & Suede. For £5 they have lasted me a long time and I never used to be a blush person but this brand broke me into that. Their Blush by 3 some colour have a cream & two powder blushes or it's all powder which you can layer for your desired look or wear solo. Lace, Pink Lemonade, Pumpkin & Pink Spirit are my picks out my collection.

Contour x Highlight
Face Form is their contouring & blush palette. I've got the shades medium & dark & they deliver as always good pigmentation in the medium shade the middle shade has a slight glitter in the powder and it could be used as a highlight or blush but it doesn't do much even on my skin too unless it was built up but then I find it can look too glittery sometimes but I do like how travel savvy these are and the mirror is a good size. Something for everyday this isn't bad & for the price you get 3 products in 1. Easy to go in heavy as I notice it picks up easily. The highlight palette is the Precious Metals with 4 shades, Platinum, Royal Gold, Renaissance Gold & Antique Bronze, I like these soft shades and think they look good with a dewy base to highlight in places, you can use different shades for different high point areas, it's a pigmented creamy & powder palette, where these shades can be built up. I do find one shade to be more glittery than others it might be the platinum I believe.

Matte Lipstick
Birthday Suit is my everyday lip, team it with a milani lip pencil in nude or all natural (i think - one of the two) and pop this on and I'm happy as larry. For £4.99 it's inexpensive and effective as I don't find it to be drying and it's a perfect nude for me when I don't know what I want to do lip wise. Seems to be a popular shade too as whenever I'm repurchasing, it's sold out. It can crack during drinking but once it dries I don't experience any transfer but if it needs touching up, beware of too much product as the build up leads to an even more cracked appearance but I still repurchase!

Do you have a favourite Sleek Makeup product?
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