TheVeganKind #32

Good Full Stop Chocolate & Orange Bar
I like chocolate orange but unfortunately for me with dates and raisins it's a strikeout for me but my nan likes those fruits and with a mixture of dark Belgian chocolate it's a rich and tasty treat to have. She put this in her bag to eat during Church incase hunger strike lol.

Foods of Athenry Chocolate & Raspberry Cookie
In #TVK29 this company was first introduced and I have never before or since tasted a better cookie. This isn't an exception, it's a large vegan & gluten free cookie treat that I could eat again & again...A highlight in this month's box.

GranoVita Vegetable Pâté
First time I had Pâté was about 9 years ago - wasn't vegetable mind. I quite enjoyed the texture even though I didn't know what to expect so revisiting the Pâté memories but vegetable in this box was interesting. Opening the can, the smell reminded me of vegetable soup. It's made with vegetables, spices and herbs and has palm oil in. Pâté can be used for sandwiches, add to pasta sauce, mushrooms & peppers, spread on toast or eat alone.

Smooze Fruit Ice
Now these take me back, I remember having similar fruit ice as a child and the cardboard use to get wet from the ice and saliva lol - memories. But I guarantee these are no doubt a lot better. I got a coconut + mango fruit ice pack, made from fresh coconut milk and mixed with tropical fruit juices and purees. Nothing says Summer like a delicious and thirst quenching fruit ice like these
- Definitely another highlight this month

Green People Sun Lotion SPF15
This has 3 layers of natural sun protection: UV filters, antioxidants & sun tan accelerator -( last one I need ). It's important no matter your skin tone to wear sunscreen, the sun doesn't discriminate. I try with any product I'm wearing to at least have SPF in even though it can cause notorious flashback but if I want to hold onto 'beige don't age'...This sun lotion increases collagen and also contains antioxidants to help prevent UV damage while helping you tan 25% times faster. Squeezing this to smell, gave a scent of relaxing Lavender but if it's not your favourite scent, it doesn't linger. Key ingredients include Aloe Vera, Avocado, Green Tea & Sunflower, such an interesting mixture.

Hoots Cheese and Onion Multigrain Snack
Hoots I've tried before but it was the Pickled Onion in #TVK11 & Salt & Pepper in #TVK22, so it's nice to see a familiar brand but with a different flavour. Nice and crunchy, although this one didn't seem as crunchy as previous ones, those had my sensitive teeth feeling delicate lol, not that it stopped me eating the packet. The cheese & onions wasn't overbearing with either flavour or smell.

TheVeganKind £10 +p&p


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