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A few or 9 things that I've acquired in the last few months...

Peaches & Cream is a brand I've never used before but I come across them on BeautyBay and decided to give them a chance after seeing a tutorial online and I liked the look of their Loose Eyeshadow Pigment, I chose Kim - burnt orange & Soul - matte chocolate. I do love a loose pigment, these are pigmented and not a lot needs to be used. These shades are dope for a grunge look.

Illamasqua The Corruptor, might not be a product for everyone but I had to get this gel product. It allows you to 'corrupt' any make-up look. It can be used on foundation to create a sheen, on eyeshadow to make it glossy, smudge your liner, transform the texture to any make-up product - even your lips. I think this product is amazing! I decided to buy it with a birthday discount and don't regret it. It's one to have fun with.

Has the yellow powder craze calmed down yet? I religiously used Ben Nye Banana Powder but decided to add to the collection & this hard to get Sacha Buttercup Powder. Someone on Instagram last year wanted to sell me one for nearly £30! - Never that desperate for powder that doesn't cost that much. The online store sell it for half that price. It's finely milled making it a lot more smoother & gives more coverage also. Another powder is the RCMA No-Color Powder, another very popular powder meant to be good for all skin tones as it has no white casting/ashy appearance. It's a nice finishing powder I feel, I like to buff it on for an airbrushed appearance but doing a sweep works also, this is a truly hidden gem.

Mehron is a favourite company of mine. Their products rarely if ever have failed me, one of my favourite bronzers is by them...I got this Mehron Aura Bronzing Gel last year with about 3 or 4 Celebre Pro HD foundation, it's paraben & oil free it has some good ingredients such as Lemongrass, Ginseng, Chamomile, Comfrey, Cucumber, Aloe Vera gel, and Japanese Green Tea. It can be applied mixed within foundation, moisturiser or on top of foundation as a bronzer and also the body. It gives a glow, rather than this walking shimmer ball. Currently the seller I got it from doesn't have it in stock but they do have various other Mehron items. I like this gel as it's lightweight, non sticky and the gels easy to use and gives a nice glow to my skin.

A product that's going to give you skin better than Adobe? NIOD Photography Fluid Colourless Opacity 12%, is technology in a bottle with it's prismatic technology. These are molecular particles of various sizes within the fluid that refract light in different directions. This allows the camera & lens to be confused in reducing the appearance of imperfections & lines so you're left with nothing but radiant, flawless skin. Mesh adherence technology keeps the primer and anything else stay put throughout your day to day goings on. Hue correctors help tone down redness & sallow tones in your skin. It can be used with foundation, moisturiser or just by itself. I mix this with my foundation & have to say it's worth the £20. The fluid mixture itself is semi-thick & pearlesque in tone but adds no colour, so you don't look like you're a walking pearl.

After ordering a sample pot of the EX1 Cosmetics Inviswear Foundation, I found myself matched to the colour F300, it dries to a matte finish. I've only used it with a damp beauty blender and build it up but I find I don't need to use too much. It doesn't oxidise and I get a fair wear out of it of about 6-7 hours. Also the Delete Anti-Blemish/Dark Circle Concealer in F200, I like to use this under the foundation on dark circles, slight imperfections but I don't find it works as well. It's a little waxy / greasy and it needs to be warmed up & broken in, with a brush in the pot to break through once done it's easier to apply. Reminds me a bit of the MAC concealers. It has titanium oxide in which can cause flashback but I find powder can halt that as I've not experienced any.

What are your favourite beauty purchases lately?
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