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...Hair not face.

Besides my trusty denman d3 brush, I've never ventured into other brushes. Maybe I feel like I'm cheating and being unloyal, it's the curly & straight hair brush. Wet or dry. Blow drying or dry brushing. Well I temporarily fell out of a monogamous relationship with D3, here's 3 I'm giving the run down on.

Tangle Teezer Thick & Curly Hair
When something has such a hype around it, I rarely bother because I side-eye but Tangle Teezer has been on the market for a while and beloved by many. There's obviously more to it, for so many to speak on the brushes. I think mostly I didn't bother because there's no handle, it's palm held until using one you realise it's not so bad. First time using it on my dry wavy/curls they were brushed out, my curl pattern is naturally very loose has always been, loose, fine but medium density, they can vary from 3A/3B mixture after a couple days it becomes more defined. When washing my hair it's basically straight with a slight body wave so I don't get much knots or tangles but I do detangle my hair before washing. I've used this in the shower - which I love, really gets to the scalp and glides through but it's still gentle. I feel no tugging while my hair is wet or dry which is a good thing the bristles are longer and more stronger than the original to make sure that it caters for curly strands...

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Wet Brush (original)

I've tried with this brush on several occasions and I just couldn't love it. I use it on wet hair after I've washed and conditioned, with conditioner in & mostly rinsed out, I will go from tip to root or should I say, try and go from tip to root. The bristles are very soft and flexible which is great, it's delicate but when I'm trying to brush it through it's like trying to brush hair with a palm, it just glides on the surface and nothing. Until I tried it again, my hair had just come out of french braids from the day before & I use the wet brush to detangle my hair and saw a difference - strange huh? Ever so gently, glided through the hair and took out any suspected tangles, I used it in the shower before product, during product and afterwards and it helped to distribute product without tangling. I had my doubts but I'm pretty much satisfied. Any wet brush lovers?...

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OOOH That's Nice - Kent Brushes

The name is from the reaction from testers, says it all right? This distinctive brush moves backwards and forwards and from side to side and moulds to the shape of your head shape for a more therapeutic experience. The other unique point about this brush is the soft moulded nylon quills they massage & stimulate the scalp for healthy hair growth. Soft natural bristles style, clean and nurture your hair. Giving it natural shine & body. I find because the brush is flexible there's not much tugging but any little tangles it untangles them gently and effortlessly I was quite surprised. I found a few of the natural bristles would shed but not all the time and not by a lot. The massage element is gentle, it's not one of those vigorous scalp massages so don't expect that but it's one to try...

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Have you tried any of these brushes? Interested?

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