Behind The Blog Vol.1

June's here (howdidthathappennn!), the month of Summer, just don't look out the window, I'm hoping it changes as I want to wear my Puma x Fenty leadcats. Another season change, another change here. I'm looking at a monthly feature "Behind the Blog". A mini recap & moodboard feature.

Such a beautiful image by Jay Maisel, called "Harlem Dance; Couple kissing" - mid 1950s. I'm a pink lover & getting more addicted to pink drinks. I'm in the mood to decorate, not my room - the guest room needs to be done, once and for all. Bandana's; Love them, there my alice bands - my boo is the style icon for those. Gay Talese has the journal of Gerald Foos, he spied on people for 2 decades in his motel and wrote about it. The book is released next month...I've not been swimming in ages, I'm really in the mood to swim.

Blog Makeover
The blog has had a makeover, wasn't that long ago that it had a makeover but I was itching for a change as always. Fearne Creative Design came through, once more, I can't say how much I appreciate that I've found someone who can take my mock-ups and make them a vision. I wanted to get rid of the sidebar & most my ads, stick what I needed at the bottom, what do you think? Hopefully the YouTube videos I can update during the Summer. A responsive layout & she's so quick with responses and the work itself, I'm always amazed & grateful. If you're interested until 31st August, the shop is doing an amazing discount on custom templates, FCD also do premade templates at an amazing price. Gotta love Etsy. Some say to have a start here page is a good for a blog, more than an about me page. I've got both, on my Begin Here page I've included a few topics and popular posts in those categories. While the About page is about me and the blog. I have to say since I had my last start here page, it was a good move.

Second Instagram
My main IG has been deactivated since about mid February. I started a second one just for the blog last week, I managed to get the DolceVanity handle back - someone else had it but it was freed up so I snatched it back up. I'll be putting up blog related things up on there & hope the account grows J.

Other Tidbits
I was featured on Get The Gloss for their Beauty Bloggers Favourite Makeup Brushes feature. My blog for a couple of years on various providers was flagged as adult/pornography content and if you didn't have the 18+ content lock lifted, you couldn't access it. The Lazy Curls (check her blog out) tweet to me was the last straw lol, I had to do something about it. I contacted all the providers thanks to Blocked, to see if they had me blocked or not & as I contacted on a Saturday, I gave them 48hours, by Wednesday I had responses from all providers who either informed me the categories were changed or that it wasn't blocked. So it should be accessible in colleges, mobile and wifi now. I've got a book wishlist and reading backlog longer than it should be, I've currently got 5 books to be read, ones nearly finished. I should aim for a book to be completed a month. Another month & another legend gone, R.I.P Muhammad Ali - in his memoir he wrote how he wanted to be remembered:

What are you looking to do during June?

xo LaaLaa
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