Frank Original Coffee Scrub

I took Frank home the other night. Took him straight to the bathroom, no hesitation. Into the steamy room we went, where I got to work on my body.

Dampen your skin and shake some of this scrub into your palms and work it well onto the skin, really concentrating on the problem areas. I've started to use this on my legs and my face. Last month some medication was causing me to itch terribly in my sleep, leaving my legs bleeding and not Supermodel appealing. I'm trying to deal with any scarring and heck if it wants to work on the stretch marks on my backside and the cellulite on the back of my legs - fair play to you Frank, do your thing. Seeing as the original targets such things with the addition of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, varicose veins, & acne. Yes it's safe and good to use on your face too!

Coffea Robusta Seed Powder (Coffee), Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Water (Aqua), Sodium Chloride (Salt), Sucrose (Brown Sugar), Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Fragrance (Parfum)* * Natural

- Coffee :- It's loaded with antioxidants, making it helpful to prevent premature skin ageing. It helps to temporarily minimize the appearance of cellulite (exercise and diet contribute). It exfoliates dry skin.

- Sea Salt :- Exfoliator. Detoxifier. Helps increase circulation.

- Sweet Almond Oil :- Moisturises. Helps deminish stretch marks.

- Brown Sugar :- Exfoliator. Moisturises.

- Orange Oil :- Helps circulation. Boosts Vitamin C absorption. Heals the skin.

- Vitamin E :- Helps to heal scars. Brown spots. Prevents premature ageing.

I'm going to take some before and after photos of my leg so when I'm finished with Frank we can see how well it's served me.

Have you tried any Frank products?

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  1. It can control us - if we let it. It can get overwhelming and you've got to just step back and breathe. IMO if you don't like how it's turned out then fix it. Your happiness is all that matters. People that vibe with you regardless is all that matters.

    Also people have got to also realise that not everybody is a friend - majority of people are acquaintances and I feel the word friend is use so loosely it's lost it's meaning at times and people then get too comfortable and situations like this can happen. If you allow someone to try ride your coat tails then it's going to happen if they surpass you. It's a touchy one but vibes don't lie.

    I've just really re-evaluated this month (think my posts have shown that lol). Done things to give me a space of relaxation to just focus on elsewhere until it's done to my satisfaction. Think you have to personally get to that mind state before it happens. It's like I wanted to make my Instagram primarily make-up to get noticed and then I thought well hold up good idea but then that's only a fraction of who I am. I was first taking notice of how many people unfollowed me each time I stuck my offensive face up lol - I also started to see a pattern in the people who were unfollowing me too and then I thought, why should I care? Their gone. Past situation. Wasn't paying my bills or anything. Even though I have made it into a game of how many people can I offend LOL!

    Ah yes granddad Gandhi - it's a true quote you do have to be. This is our own life and we have to live it how we see fit and if we're happy then isn't that the goal in life?

    LimaMonroe xo

  2. catherine ♡29/1/15

    Always love the sound of this and I'm yet to try it! xx

  3. Lesley29/1/15

    I love the look of the Frank products and I really want to try the Body Balm and Coconut Coffee Scrub. Weirdly I just noticed have a lot of the ingredients for the Coffee Scrub so could whip up a DIY version. Will be interesting to know how well this works for you x

  4. ooh that sounds interesting! I have never heard of Frank products before, Im going to have to have a google :) xx

  5. Very interesting, thank you for writing this!! These are my feelings exactly. I started my blog years ago then life got in the way and I had to stop. Back then bloggers were always commenting encouraging one another. I came back last year and noticed everything was so different. When I do get a comment its very vague and always ends with them wanting me to check out and follow their site. What happened to interacting with someone, because you have something in common.
    Instagram its just sad that I probably have to create a separate one for my blog. When I post a couple photos to do with my blog i'll get a couple followers, some other blogger and I follow them back. Since we have something in common, but then I post some family event or some pretty landscape picture. And there they go, which is fine with me. People have to understand that there is more to bloggers, instagramers, youtubers they do have lives outside the internet. Some of us do still care more then about the number of followers we have and just want to connect with real people that have similar interest.

  6. Hey, thank you for reading and commenting.

    It's changed drastically. I remember the days when if someone didn't blog for a week or a month other followers would email them to see how they're doing and if everything's going well because you've formed an online relationship with someone and you get to know someone through their blog. It felt more homely and it was encouraging now people don't want to take the time out for another.

    When I started my blog was more on the lifestyle side and it floated more into being just a beauty blog and I found I was being untrue to myself and it's taking me quite awhile to get my blog back sounds crazy as it is mine. I'm not with a company etc but people only associate you as just that figure they see.

    Yeah I've now decided to NGAF! I'm posting what I please, I'm a human being and I know when I post images of my face people leave or if it's not beauty products they don't want to stay around in life we can't please everyone but we'll always please the ones who love & care as long as we are happy xo

  7. Yes it's true we could just do a DIY version. I wanted to do that but me buying the ingredients might work out more than the scrub but in the longterm I could just whip up a batch when and if I need it. Once the ratio is worked out I'd love to know if you try do a DIY one but I will indeed up xo

  8. Lesley X30/1/15

    I think I might try it with the ingredients I have and see what happens! x

  9. I saw this for a cool DIY :) But I'm excited to see what you whip up beautiful xo