Rollin' With The Homies - Favourite Bronzers x Illuminators

Dear Cashmere,

You're going to be my most unused Velvetine but most used.
I love you that much but can't deal with waiting for you!

A greige enthusiast.

This post isn't about my love for Lime Crime's Cashmere. Even though I really do love it. This post is a little run down on my go-to look. I think every woman gets to a point in her life where she knows what she likes and with make-up it's no exception. People may feel because I am a make-up artist that I should do the utmost with my face and while sometimes I do, this is where I'm most comfortable with a glow on my face. Maybe it has to do with the Jennifer Lopez obsession I've had since last century.
I've been revisiting the Monu Professional Skincare Illuminating Primer SPF15*. I remember the first time I used this and take it from me a little is best. It took me awhile to warm up to this and get use to it. First time I looked ghostly. If anything pair it with your moisturiser and continue your make-up for a nice healthy boost to the skin. I've not used this on darker skin tones, so I'm not sure how it'll look.
( should try on my mum )
It gives me a smooth finish and it brightens the skin up. I tend to bring it along the points where I'd like more of an illuminating look, temples, cheeks, smack bam on my forehead.

I love these two bitches, theBalm Betty-Lou Manizer & theBalm Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer. There one of my everyday rollin' with the homies combination. Betty-Lou is a medium - dark bronzer with a deep golden shimmer to it. You really do not want to pack your brush with this, just don't do it. Little and build - to be honest that's just my opinion on bronzers but you'll have more control. I wouldn't say this is great for fairer skin tones, it'll come off looking dirty. I don't contour with this due to the shimmer but along the temples and hairline I will use Betty-Lou.

Mary Lou, Mary, well, you're a pretty lady for sure. For a shimmer once again like it's sister you only want a little, great for the cupids bow, sometimes on the high points of my cheeks. Gives such a nice subtle and when the light hits it, makes everything prominent and glowing out the A! I've seen this on darker skin tones and it gives it a nice champagne appearance.

Both these products you get a lot out of. Jesus, I don't know when I'll see the pan but that's a good thing of course. Due to the pigmentation you really don't want a lot so these are good investments.

Givenchy Poudre Bonne Mine - Extreme Croisière* of course I've got the deeper toned bronzed. Poudre Bonne Mine is a gel baked - talc free powder. This is the darkest out of this collection and was gifted to me by Givenchy (thank you) and it's just extremely beautiful. It's dark but it's so delicate on the skin and can be built up to an off the yacht St Tropez glow. Absolutely adore it and just look at the design of this bronzer.

I was introduced to Mii Cosmetics a good few years ago and since then have been getting re-purchases, like this Mii Cosmetics Mineral Divine Illuminator - Pure Brilliance to be honest due to this being a mineral and the pigmentation it's another, little goes a long way item. This I actually use near the apples of my cheeks. You just swoosh a kabuki and tap off excess and go for it. Also can be used over your bodies high points. This has a nice subtle peachy pink appearance.
Breaks up some of the bronzing.

A new addition is Topshop Glow Highlighter in Polish*. What I like about creamy products is they make a good base for making powders last longer (duh!) I start off with this champagne toned highlighter on my cheeks to illuminate if I don't use the primer above. Then blend in with my fingers and put the Mary Lou on top. I like the combination they work well. This I put on my cupids bow - slightly. I've noticed too much and people start looking like sweaty lips ahem! Great for those with dry skins especially if you find powders make you look caked.

There you have it, homies.

Share with me below your personal favourites!
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