Harpers Candles

I mentioned previously I had ordered something from December's TheVeganKind box. It was these Harpers Candle candles. These are 2 wick soya wax candles and whoa, do they smell, in the best way possible. They come in different categories to help you pick out a scent that you think will suit you such as fresh, floral, patisserie, interior, kitchen, retro..you get the drift.

There's also Charity Candles, they support Jerry Green Dog Rescue which I think is fantastic as my parents last and current dog have been beautiful rescue dogs. Giving back to a charity is important especially ones that are close to your heart.

Lemon Sherbert £8.00 / Little Black Cat £8.00 / Jingle Bells £8.00
3 for £20

Jingle Bells was a limited edition candle from the Christmas collection. Jingle Bells, I got for my friend's xmas box after she briefly smelled my miniature candle from the TheVeganKind box. The aroma it gives is a combination of Spiced wine, soft pears and oranges. Lemon Sherbert is amazingly lemony lol, just purely sugar lemon heaven scent (aha, see what I did there!) Little Black Cat was one of their 101 charity candles. £3 from every sale goes to Jerry Green Dog Rescue. The scent this spiced Autumn candle has is Autumn cider, ripe dark cherries and an undertone of cinammon. The combination is comforting and relaxing.

You don't have to pay out the ear for good smelling candles that last. My small one I've been burning on / off for about 3 weeks and it's just finished. They retail at £8 each or 3 for £20.
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  1. Those are so adorable! I can't resist candles, they always smell wonderfull and these look so lovely.


  2. GiselleSantos15/1/15

    Omg I'm obsessed with candles. I have one in every room in my apartment. I had no idea they had monthly boxes for it.

  3. Candles are just soothing and who and what doesn't look great by candle light. Thanks for the comment xo

  4. I wish they did have monthly boxes for candles, that would be amazing. This was a product featured with other items from different companies in a vegan box. I adore candles. Always bummed when it's too hot to burn them xo