Spring Cleaning. Minimalism Begins.

March 20th is when Spring officially begins. I want to get a head start I was browsing Google for websites that would help me start Minimalism.

Letting go of things we feel we need and can be replaced gives us room to focus on what is important that might not be given as much time of day.

Things I look to focus more energy into are :-

· Focus on health.
· Focus on relationships.
· Focus on self learning.
· Focus on career.
· Focus on hobbies.

Staring at my Ikea Alex tower, it's filled with hair, skincare products & make-up. How much of these 9 drawers do I really need to consume? Do I go into each drawer daily. No! Starting slowly it started with my nail polish drawer, one of my goals this year is to get my nails to a workable, strong length. Nice motivation is by clearing out all the old nail polishes and really focus on the colours I rotate and want to wear. One thing that's good with age is that knowing what colour palette is my favourite, nudes, greys, black, whites and the odd brights, purple, red and pinks are what I enjoy wearing on my nails. Some of these polishes have been unused and hidden for so long they've separated.
Throw away, keep, donate.
- Ideally I'd love to have some packing boxes and label them, quite like a packing party. As I'm starting slowly I'm doing it differently. Throw away, keep and donate - (definitely need a donate box).
I put all the nail polishes, I'd like to keep for the meanwhile in this box. Yup! It all fits in one box. Considering I had them in a drawer and the polishes filled up the drawer to the point I had polishes laying on top of them. Ridiculous. I threw so much out and I've got some that need shaking up and can be used to put into the donation box I'm going to start. I think overtime I will ideally like to get them down to staple nail colours. It's not about keeping up with others, it's all about what I like and my preferences.

It also feels good to have an empty drawer!
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