Sure Crystal Invisible Black + White Diamond Deodorant

They will possess you unless you change the number on your dial.
Armpit shot & no deodorant white marks but a lot of fun. Sweated out a good twist out but all in the name of good fun, hours on end. That's always something I think of due to me 95% of the time being in black, nobody wants to see those deodorant marks under the pits, especially if your arms spend most the time up in the air.
Me and my friend had the most fun playing on the wii the other day even if we was laughing most the time but the sweat beads were real and apart from me drinking all the water, laughter and moving your ass cheeks is the best way to feel good and lose some calories. Deciding to play Michael Jackson: The Experience, after playing this repeatedly and sweating my invisible balls off, I'm convinced Michael sweated that nose off.
Whenever I think of deodorant, a couple of things honestly come to mind, I don't need those white marks on my t-shirt and will it help to keep my underarms remotely dry while working out or just being highly active? If you know me, my wardrobe palette is mostly black, white, grey and pale pink but I'm mostly in black or grey daily and having those white marks after applying deodorant or exercising is unfortunate, boo! I was sent the Sure Crystal Invisible Black + White Diamond Deodorant* to try out. It's anti white and yellow stains protecting your clothes from any sweat or marks. Plus it's anti-sweat, big claim for me because when I say I sweat, I sweat from my scalp, chest, underarms, crotch the lot, I sweat. I still sweat but surprisingly it wasn't to the point sweat was running down my arm or uncomfortable but there was still sweat cos that was a sign of fat crying ha!

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