Michael Todd True Organics KNU Anti-Aging Face Lift Serum

You may remember this little gem from my serum run down a couple of months ago? Well I'm still using, I'm still loving. I wanted to continue to use this in hopes that it wasn't a fluke and my skin did love how it was being treated. I also find once I start to use a product more, I can combine it and use it better with my routine, see what works best for me. Michael Todd True Organics are a 70% natural ingredient brand and there's no nasties that we all despise, no added water, artificial dyes or fragrance, parabens, sulfates or other harsh chemicals and of course animal testing (hell no)

Serums are part of my routine and this one I use 2x a day, daily. Depending on how my skin is reacting in terms of the oil it produces then my moisturiser will be determined. I haven't been as oily lately but I will have a run down of my skincare routine in a whole later this week but of course this serum is suitable for all skin types so I've not had to worry when my skin has gone from normal to combination as it stays loyal to my skin. The best part of this has been since using it the spots I normally get here & there have been reduced, it could be the overall skin routine I'm keeping but I think this may also play a part.

35ml is a three months supply and it's lasting me but I see it lasting me a lot longer as I'm heading into my third month of use. Due to the fact that using the dropper you could still suck up a lot and end up squeezing out so much but I even find when I put it on the points of my face (forehead, cheeks, chin) it's still too much. I don't like the feeling of it being greasy? I use it until I feel my skin feel satisfied, two squeezes if that are all I need to apply. I listen to my skins needs, some view a serum as a very light moisturiser and don't need their cream afterwards - I'm not one, I still need a moisturiser but it will be determined that if my face does feel a bit dry, it needs a more heavier moisturiser, if my skin is normal or oily I can get away with a light moisturiser and I'm set for the day / night ahead.

This serum has by far some of the best ingredients being organic aloe, I love aloe on the face it's calming, healing & soothing so if you do suffer from acne or sun burn this is always a great addition for skincare. With the addition of anti-oxidant ingredients such as cranberry which help protect the skin from damaging free radicals which speed up the process of appearance of ageing. Green tea is another one that helps to soothe skin, reduce acne and redness and it can also rejuvenate old skin cells which can help wound healing, treat rosacea, psoriasis and other skin condition. Seaweed another anti-inflammatory ingredient helps acne and rosacea. So you can see why I think this has helped a lot more within my routine, with such ingredients that help those problems. Being that it is an anti-ageing product, I'm a bit too young to notice anything such as wrinkles etc but being that acne was my first concern, I'm extremely happy with the results. As much as I ADORE this product the price tag is extremely steep for me to consider a future purchase to be honest with you.

Now if I could only get rid of my dark circles...!

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