Cloths vs Flannels

As a child flannels were all I knew, once in my teens dabbling with make-up and doing as instructed with make-up removers I used cotton pads but then again I was only removing eye make-up so it did the trick. A year into blogging I read a post regarding microfiber cloths, she said it helped her acne and cleared up her skin, these are mostly found in the household/car sections of stores. The blogger said that it helped to remove all their make-up with just warm water, I tried this but found I needed more than warm water and didn't warm much to the texture on my skin but I did earlier this year decide to try again with the AmazeMitt (review). Microfiber is gentle, reduces the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines, minimise scars, reduce acne, whiteheads and blackheads & clear clogged pores from bacteria & dirt. Suffice to say I don't get on well with microfiber cloths.

Muslin cloths I was introduced first in 2010 as it was included in the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and I was typically converted to using the cloths over the next 3 years. Noticing that there's quite a few different weaving/patterns to the cloths, some a lot softer than others. I like to use muslin cloths around the eyes, it helps to remove the make-up well and it's thinner to work on the lashes and by the tear duct. From last Christmas I have an Dr.Hauschka large muslin cloth that I'm still cutting to this day to use, I find the texture is different to that of the Neal's Yard cloth that is included in the Beauty Balm which is thinner and smoother to touch.

I find it can count for flannels too, the difference in textures. Like the muslin some have been softer than others but the work of cleaning the face seems to depend on the texture, I can work on exfoliating on the face more with a 'rougher' flannel as opposed to a softer one but I picked up a pack of 4 x2 from TK Maxx and while some what soft still does well on exfoliating but not to the point I'm scrubbing like an old lady on an old washer. Everything is hard to wash back to it's pre-used state even after bleaching some of them just to get most the stains out. Probably should of got black instead(?)

(Remember when flannels were NOT the thing to use, oh how we flock!)

Question is what do I get the benefit more out of? Truth be told, both! I use them for different things instead of solely depending on just one. I like to use the flannels on my eyes & face when removing make-up, it's gentler then again I like the muslin cloths (depending on texture) on exfoliating and riding any dryness that maybe occurring as I'm not a daily make-up wearer I do swap and change them around BUT I never use the same one twice. I will put it in the laundry basket ready for it to be washed - hence why I have so many. Just finding what suits you better.

Let me know what you use, is it just your hands, microfiber, muslin, flannels - maybe something we are yet to discover..Share! 

Love, LaaLaa xo
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