Bra Fitting Experience

Before I can even think about party dresses, the underwear has to be just as important. My breasts have often been the topic of a banter conversations between women. One in particular was last year while on Twitter and some ladies said to me your definitely not a B cup, a D or E! While just a few weeks ago my friend Simone said to me your definitely not a B cup. Is it because I'm looking down that I can't see? - Well no there's more to it.

I decided to go and get myself measured again, I had before been fitted awhile ago in La Senza as a 38B it's the size I have been wearing for a while and though tight at times around the sides I just took it as my fitting. Heading over to Debenhams, I decided to take advantage of their free bra fit service. I didn't have to wait long as the fitter was nearly finished.

So I popped into the cubicle and she asked me to strip down just to my bra (of course only my top half) which I did..She looked at me and said "What size are you?!" 38B(?) I replied "No love.." she said as she felt underneath the bra band, "That is all wrong. Pop it off and I will have a measure"

So as I stood there, top half bare, staring at myself in the mirror, I was a little tense and cold. She told me to relax my shoulders as she measured me just above my bust, across my bust, underneath and then across again, as she started counting over the inches, I heard her say under her breath..."C...D...E..F"


As she went to get me a couple of bras, I thought, did she say what she said? She came back with two bras, one in an 32 E and one in an 32 F. I thought to myself, this is a joke, staring at my shriveled prunes. As she placed the 32 E bra on and fitted it on me and asked me which side was my most fuller (I have one breast, A LOT bigger than the other, which really made me hate wearing bras, one would overspill in the cup, the other would be gappy) so she had me turn to the side and look and I was amazed at how it fit and filled the cup. She said I could fit into a E or an F without an issue and I was really shocked.

But here is the common misconception. People think the higher the letter the bigger the actual breast!
It's not true. I just have a bigger band size around my ribs.

The letter of a bra size marks the measurement difference between the ribcage and the bust. So if someone whose ribcage equals 30 inches and their bust equals 38 inches for a difference of 8 inches, instead of the bra size being 308 (30 inch band and 8 inch difference), it would be 30FF, since FF means there is an 8 inch difference.


0 inch difference: AA
1 inch difference: A
2 inch difference: B
3 inch difference: C
4 inch difference: D
5 inch difference: DD
6 inch difference: E
7 inch difference: F
8 inch difference: FF
9 inch difference: G

10 inch difference: GG
11 inch difference: H
12 inch difference: HH
13 inch difference: J
14 inch difference: JJ
15 inch difference: K
16 inch difference: KK
17 inch difference: L
18 inch difference: LL


0 inch difference: AA
1 inch difference: A
2 inch difference: B
3 inch difference: C
4 inch difference: D
5 inch difference: DD
6 inch difference: DDD/F
7 inch difference: DDDD/G
8 inch difference: H
9 inch difference: I

10 inch difference: J
11 inch difference: K
12 inch difference: L
13 inch difference: M
14 inch difference: N
15 inch difference: O
16 inch difference: P
17 inch difference: Q
18 inch difference: R

Believe me when I say, a good fitted bra is better than...well whatever you love and gives you satisfaction. All of a sudden the bra feels more enjoyable to wear. I'm no longer wanting to whip it off or go 70's free love. Over time I'm sure busts change with weight changes, therefore it's important to go as often as needed with change. Be honest if the bra doesn't feel comfortable, let them know and don't leave until you are satisfied and comfortable.

In celebration of getting my bra fitted properly & in the words of Jess from "New Girl" - "Give my nipples a purpose!", I decided to purchase a few bras, as I was fitted with the Freya Deco Hatty I got that alongside the Deco Spotlight. Very comfortable so I'd advise all women - get fitted properly. I have always gone on the more vain side of that a bra needs to give me a push and spillage to look sexy and fuller but I don't think it's good for the bust all the time it needs to fit better and unfortunately as granny as this sounds, your health comes before sexiness, that's what these Zalando New Girl inspired party dresses are for *winks*

Love, LaaLaa xo

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